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3D Character Creation for Animation, Game, AR, and VR

Character Character Creator 3 is a full character creation solution for designers to easily create, import and customize stylized or realistic looking character assets for use with iClone, Maya, Blender, Unreal Engine 4, Unity or any other 3D tools. It connects industry leading pipelines into one system for 3D character generation, animation, rendering, and interactive design.
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"iClone & Character Creator ended up giving us a workflow that we just hadn’t expected at all. For the needs that arose as we developed REPLICAS, it proved to be the perfect solution during the postviz stage."

James Dodson
Executive Producer, REPLICAS
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"Character Creator 3 does such an awesome job through the Transformer feature in converting the imported DAZ characters, and adds a very accurate facial profile that makes the characters respond very well to the mocap devices: that to me as a DAZ Studio user, is one of the best additions to CC3."

Solomon W. Jagwe
3D Artist, Animator and Painter, Creator and Director of the Adventures of Nkoza and Nankya
"I really wish I had found Reallusion software sooner so I could have made all the characters in my game with it. Basically, the entire process was easy and efficient, and produced high quality results. These tools are now valuable additions to my gamedev toolbox."

Jedediah HakJak Steen
Solo Game Developer of Guts and Glory
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"By incorporating Reallusion’s iClone and Character Creator​ into our standard AR pipeline, our team was able to realize our AR comics without going over-budget."

Brian Haberlin
Co-founder of Anomaly Productions
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Universal 3D character platform

Character for
3D Animation

Fully rigged for face and body

Character for
Game Design

Optimized LOD for game engines

Daz & Poser Character Transformer

Realize the total content integration

State of the Art Rendering

Photo-realistic Interactive visualization

Realistic 3D Scan Workflow

Deeply detailed realtime characters