Character Creator (CC) is a full character creation solution for designers to easily generate, import and customize stylized or realistic character assets for use with iClone, Maya, Blender, Unreal Engine, Unity, or any other 3D tools. CC connects industry-leading pipelines with one system for 3D character generation, animation rigging, asset management, look-dev rendering, and interactive design.


2024 Reallusion 3D Character Contest
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Direct Control over CC Characters in Unreal Engine.
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Empower Fully Expressive 3D Facial Animation.
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Turn static mesh into fully-rigged CC character.
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Transform intricate sculpts into posable masterpieces in just a few clicks. See More >

A truly accessible, controllable, and editable wrinkle-blending system driven by facial expression morphs. See More >

Auto rigging humanoid 3D models. See More >

Automatic Shader and Skeleton Assignment for Characters & Assets

Characterize Any Actor to CC

Whether humans, creatures or props, creativity is no longer limited by the existing CC character base. Any rigged biped models can be imported, characterized, and facial rigged in Character Creator. New features now make any character compatible with thousands of motion assets, ready for natural lip-sync, motion capture, and animation controls in iClone. CC characters can also be optimized for low-poly, high-performance crowd simulation, AR, VR, and Metaverse.

CC Avatar

CC Avatar (Standard Human) - Fully rigged with CC3+ topology, supports face and body morph, outfit system, SkinGen material, and full iClone animation compatibility


Humanoid (Non Standard Human) - Biped model characterized for CC and iClone, supports HumanIK body rig, spring bone, facial rig for expression and lipsync


Crowd (ActorBUILD) - A low-poly, merged UV, one material character converted from CC avatar for high-performance crowd simulation


Creature (Non Human) - In any animatable skeletal form, be able to import custom animation, supports CC IK/FK posing and iClone animation editing


Prop - Any 3D model with hierarchical mesh node, custom morph or bone structure for animation


Character Creator gives character designers the largest possible character usability with the CC character base for character design, importing humanoid characters, or auto-rigging static models. Choose to subdivide and export characters for highly-detailed rendering, or decimate characters for mobile apps or crowd simulation.

Total Character Design

All-in-one tools to design engaging characters, easily adjust character shapes, define skin looks, change hairstyles, dress for animation tests, import and rig new character assets, or even create characters from photos.

Fully Rigged, Fully Animatable Characters

Whether starting from a CC base character or importing a custom rigged model and characterizing it to CC, imported characters are ready to work in game engines, and fully compatible with iClone animation controls.

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Supporting Major Character Workflow

Character Creator provides free addons to speed up the character design workflow with major industry tools, such as GoZ for ZBrush, CC Tools for Blender, CC AutoSetup (shader and bone structure) for Unreal Engine and Unity Mecanim, UDIM compatible with Substance Painter, and rigged character compatibility with Marvelous Designer.

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Access the largest premium character library made by top designers and enjoy the consistent drag-and-drop experience to build new designs using thousands of characters, morphs, skin, outfit, shoes, hair, accessories, and motions are at your selection.

Participate in the marketplace designer community and profit from your creativity.

CC4 vs. CC3

Features CC4 CC3
*New functions in Character Creator 4 are marked in bold.
*All items are priced in US dollars.
With partial 3DXchange Pipeline integration (Value $499)
Body & Facial-Rigged Character Base Standard Character - CC1, CC3, CC3+ (20K Poly, 4K Texture by Materials)
Standard Character - Game Base (10K Poly, with Reduced Bone)
Standard Character - ActorBUILD (15K Poly, 1 Material for Crowd Rendering)
Humanoid (Non-Standard) Character - Any Rigged Biped Humanoid
Creature (Non-Human) Character - Any Rigged Model
Character Setup Auto Import Character with Standard Profiles
(Daz G3/G8, Mixamo, Maya HIK, 3ds Max Biped, Blender Human Meta Rig, Unreal UE4)
HIK Characterize Editor
Spring Dynamics
Physics (Hair, Clothes)
Facial Profile Editor (Expression Manager)
Bone Adjustment
Supported File Format (Import) OBJ (Mesh, Material)
FBX (Rigged Character, Mesh, Material, Motion)
FBX (Daz & Hivewire Character Proprietary, Morph, Assets)
FBX (CC Character Editing)
iAvatar, iCloth, iShoes, iGloves, iHair, iAcc
iMotion, rlMotion, iMotionPlus
Supported File Format (Export) OBJ (Static Character Mesh)
OBJ (Selected Items)
FBX (Character Bone Rig and Morphs)
OBJ, FBX (CC Character Editing)
iAvatar, iCloth, iShoes, iGloves, iHair, iAcc (to iClone)
USD (Omniverse)
FBX (Upload to Sketchfab)
Character Appearance Face and Body Morph Modifier
SkinGen (Dynamic Skin Layer Editor)
(CC3 Base+)

(CC3 Base+)
Hair & Facial Hair System (Smart Hair)
Material & Shader Character - Digital Human Shader
(CC3 Base+)
Character - Smart Skin Color Shader
(CC3 Base+)
Cloth/Prop - PBR Shader
Asset Creation GoZ
Create Morph Slider
Cloth - Appearance Editor (Dynamic Material)
Cloth - Auto-skinning
Cloth - Skin Weight Editing
Cloth - Auto-conformation
Cloth - Partial Conform Tool
OBJ/FBX to Accessory Conversion
Delta Mush (Mesh Smoothing Deformer)
Prop Edting Mesh Editing
Skin Weight Editor
Mesh Tools OpenSubdiv
Edit Normal
Edit Mesh - Vertex Soft Selection
Edit Mesh - Poly Selection
Edit Mesh - Element Selection
Edit Mesh - Brush Push & Pull Selection
LOD Generation
*Powered by InstaLOD
Polygon Optimization
Material Merging
LOD (Level of Details)
Visual HDR (Bake HDR Video)
IBL, Directional, Spotlight, Point Light
Soft Shadow, Shadow Catcher, Mutiplier
Global Illumination (GI)
PBR/Digital Human Shader
Point Light with Shadow
Volumetric Light
Reflection Surface (Mirror)
Environment & Character Settings Light Creation
Pose Editing
Pose Saving
Face Key Editing & Saving
Bone List Panel & Bone Filter
Animation Player
Animated Display Play Character Animation in the Viewport
Cloth/Hair Physics & Spring Dynamics
Animated Turntable
Auto-apply Idle Motion by Gender
Render Subdivision
Realtime Render
PBR/Digital Human Shader
Toon Shader
Render Image
Render Animated Video
Compatible Plug-in Headshot (Paid)
*Requires additional purchase

*Requires additional purchase
SkinGen Premium (Paid)
*Requires additional purchase

*Requires additional purchase
Iray (Paid)
*Requires additional purchase

*Requires additional purchase
Omniverse Connector (Free)
Smart Gallery (Free)


Auto-Setup for Unreal (Free)
Auto-Setup for Unity (Free)