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Dynamic Clothing System - Outfit Layering

Explore a diverse array of wearable content, sourced from an extensive library or uniquely crafted. Conveniently organized into distinct categories such as tops, pants, and accessories, you can mix and match outfits with a simple drag-and-drop interface to create the perfect ensemble.

Infinite Character Styling

Explore endless style options to bring characters to life and enhance storytelling. Dress them in various styles like urban chic, industrial looks, futuristic attire, fantasy costumes, historical outfits, and innovative designs. Each choice adds depth, uniqueness, and personality to the characters, enriching their roles in the narrative.



Dynamic Fitting
  • Clothing in Character Creator can adapt to any physique. 
  • Dynamically conform while morphing the body. 
  • Further refinement tools: subdivision levels, smoothing, and more.
Selective Conformation
  • Set hard surfaces that are immune to mesh distortions. 
  • Clothing scales to the size of the body and automatically adapts to proportional changes. 
  • Configurable mesh conformation, even at the vertex level.
Auto-Attaching Accessories
  • Applying accessories auto attach them to appropriate bone.
  • Accessories retain their position data and auto align to the correct place.
  • Replicate accessory placement across different characters, ensuring correct positioning even while they're in motion.
  • Create characters with unique personalities by accessorizing them with distinctive elements.
Manual Attachment
  • Easily attach accessories to different places by assigning parent bones. 
  • Accessories can be detached so they act as stand-alone props.
  • Interactive objects can be held or carried, such as weapons, handbags, and tools.


  • Correct distorted meshes with one click. 
  • Restored meshes preserve their initial form while conforming to the body shape. 
  • Selective delta mush can address problematic areas without disturbing the surrounding geometry.


  • Correct distorted meshes with one click. 
  • Layer settings also control collisions to function with tucked and untucked clothing. 
  • Rearrange cloth layers and perform collision calculations for realistic fabric interactions. 
  • Layer ordering can be preserved and applied to other characters at your convenience.

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Avoid unwanted mesh intersections in animated characters by using the 'Hide Mesh' feature. This tool conceals underlying meshes beneath the clothing, preventing poke-throughs to ensure flawless animations. It offers two convenient methods for hiding meshes based on your needs.

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One-Click Hide Meshes
  • Single-click operation for automatic detection and concealment of body meshes obscured by clothing. 
  • Conceal meshes and instantly preview the outcomes.
Fine Tune Hidden Mesh Areas
  • Tailor the hidden mesh regions in cases where the automated features prove insufficient. 
  • Control which areas of the mesh should remain hidden and which should be visible.


Floor Contact
  • Adjust floor contacts to prevent characters from floating above or sinking into the floor. 
  • Adjust contact settings for feet and hands, especially for shoes and gloves with inherent thickness, ensuring their proper contact with the floor.

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*Note: Please ensure that you have enabled Floor Contact for contact results.

Heel Elevation
  • Character feet automatically angle and pose according to heel height. Simply swap out the shoes and the system handles the rest. 
  • Reconfigured ankle height and orientation naturally flex and conform to different movements, ensuring consistent and precise movement.


Effortlessly transition between complete characters, outfit styles, or avatars with a straightforward drag-and-drop of .ccProject and .ccAvatar files into the viewport. This intuitive gesture not only streamlines the process of transferring styles among distinct characters but also allows you to swiftly swap models, facilitating prompt style alterations and refinements.


Soft Cloth
  • Apply physics weight maps and collision volumes for lifelike draping, folding, and fabric flow. 
  • Customize soft cloth properties and wind reaction with available setup options and presets.

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Rigid Bodies  (Accessory)
  • Simulate dangling items using Nvidia’s PhysX. 
  • Define collision and constraint relations between independent items.
  • Create complex hinge, point-to-point, slider, spring, and cone twist dynamics.

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Spring Dynamics  (Accessory)
  • Fashion elements that respond to the character's movements in a lifelike manner with the introduction of bones and spring physics. 
  • Exhibit wobbling and swaying motions as a result of dynamic collisions and movement.

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Auto Skin Weights (OBJ or FBX)

Effortlessly incorporate static OBJ or FBX models as cloth assets and achieve automatic skin weighting by aligning the character's pose with the imported cloth model. Opt for skin weight transfer through cloth templates or personally import skin meshes. Tailor each mesh component with precision or enhance surfaces using brush tools for a refined outcome.

Import Skin Weights (FBX Only)

Rather than transferring skin weights from cloth templates or assigning them within Character Creator, developers well-versed in Blender, Maya, or 3ds Max have the option to enhance skin weights by exporting any clothed CC character as an FBX file. After refining skin weights in their preferred software, these skin weight adjustments can be seamlessly imported back into Character Creator using the FBX import functionality.


Experience a seamless and integrated GoZ connection with ZBrush, seamlessly facilitating the creation of custom character assets. With a single click, effortlessly transport your CC character to ZBrush for intricate shape sculpting, or fashion 3D outfits, accessories, and hairstyles directly within ZBrush. Enjoy the convenience of GoZ to effortlessly update all newly crafted designs back to the character in CC.


Harnessing the capabilities of Blender's robust geometry and UV editing features, the CC-to-Blender plugin excels not only in automatically configuring material nodes for Blender rendering but also functions as a valuable developer tool for CC asset design. Effortlessly refine character models, fine-tune expression blendshapes, craft unique outfits and accessories, and even engage in weight painting for cloth physics, all within a streamlined workflow.

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Marvelous Designer Cloth Simulation & Alembic Baking

Marvelous Designer is equipped with precise cloth simulation capabilities and rapid physics baking techniques, enabling the creation of lifelike and authentic wrinkles. The resulting animation, along with the exported Alembic file, can be seamlessly imported into iClone and Unreal Engine, facilitating the realization of true-to-life cloth physics animations.

iClone Alembic Import >


Utilize calibration motions to pinpoint skin weight problems, then enhance the auto-skinned fabric using a variety of weight editing tools. Benefit from vertex weight assignment and weight painting support. Employ the Smooth brush for a more intuitive weight painting experience, and take advantage of brush projection modes (normal vs. screen-based) along with mirror editing choices.

Motion Calibration
Skin Weighting