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Don't hesitate to create your own 3D clothing and hair, and apply them to fully-rigged character bases! Your clothing can be conformed to any body type imaginable. Utilize the ability to edit the mesh of your character's clothing for those hard-to-fix issues that can occasionally pop up with your character mesh. With the posable functionalities, you can also pose your character in all sorts of ways for improved testing.


Design from Character Templates or Modify from Existing 3D Cloth Settings

Use Free FBX Body Templates as Design Bases

You are free to download fully-rigged male, female, and neutral body templates to design your own clothes, shoes, gloves, accessories and hair by using your favorite 3D tool. As for character design, you can download or export the OBJ files with quad mesh for better subdivision in the case of mesh smoothing and high poly sculpting.

Download the Templates >

3D Character Body Templates - Animated Character

Modify from the Existing 3D Cloth Design

There is no easier way than using your chosen character as a direct design reference to start up your own creation. You can FBX export the character, together with it’s cloth and accessory settings, then quickly modify your own unique designs, while retaining the original body shape.
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*Note: 3DXchange Pipeline Edition is Required for FBX export. Please refer to the License Requirements.

3D clothing design for 3D character

Free 3D Cloth Layer Settings

The new Cloth Layer Settings give you the freedom to change the collision layer order of your clothing.  Now you can choose to tuck shirts in, or let them hang out. You can also have your characters wear their underwear on the outside of their pants if there are any superhero urges!
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Example 1

Originally the pants are stuffed into the shoes, however with the new Cloth Layer Settings, one can have the pants cover the shoes instead. This helps you instantly change any fashion!

3D pants and 3D shoes for 3D character

*Note: For shoes and gloves, the system will save the updated cloth layer of the object in the project. For example, if you change the layer of a pair of shoes, you will get the same result the next time you apply it.

Example 2

One can also change the cloth layer ordering to put the underwear on the outside of the pants, to create a superhero or a super weird outfit. 

3D Clothing - Superman, hero

Manual Surface Editing

Soft Selection

You can adjust falloff radius and falloff bias to determine its effective range and weighting on the vertices.  Thus making mesh editing fast, and easy, with nicely blended results.
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Face RTS (Mesh Manipulation)

Use hotkeys like; "w" to move, "e" to rotate, "s" to scale just like iClone. Pressing "w" or "e" or "s" multiple times will toggle the working space between local and world.
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3D clothing - mesh editing

Mirrored Selection

Use the Tolerance for adjusting mirror detection regions, especially for asymmetrical cloth designs.

Back-face (Mode) Selection

By toggling this option, it ensures that you select both the front-side and back- side faces at one time; this is especially useful for selecting loop ring meshes such as trunks and sleeves.
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Non-Conform for Hard-Mesh Items

The “Non-Conform” function is designed to prevent drastic mesh distortions inherited from heavy body morphs. It also helps you keep the exact, hard mesh shapes for skin-bone rigged cloth items.

By setting your clothing to non-conform state, you can use the Mesh Editor to change the object scale, or manually tweak the surface look to get the best visual results.

3D clothing - modify the back-face

Manual Smooth Out Surfaces

Sometimes you won’t achieve perfect results with the auto conform feature, especially when putting on multiple layer outfits. The smooth and relax features provide the option to manually tweak areas of the mesh and iron out kinks in the mesh.

  • Smooth: averages the vertices of the mesh, may change the size and shape of the cloth.
  • Relax: averages the vertices of the mesh while constraining it to the surface of the cloth. Will attempt to keep the size and shape of the cloth intact.

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3D clothing - mesh editing settings
3D clothing - smooth mesh surfaces

Custom Hide Mesh

To avoid unwanted mesh clipping or to optimize the character for game engine output, now you can use the Hide Mesh feature that gives you the face-level precision on removing unwanted meshes. You can click in the Scene Manager, or use the Right-click Layer Menu to quickly select the target cloth mesh. By toggling the X-Ray and Wireframe-over-Texture View Mode, you can easily observe the multi-layer relation and mesh topology.
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3D clothing - example of hide mesh
3D clothing - hide mesh settings
3D Marvelous clothing

Assign Weight Map to Cloth Physics

Load up physics weight maps directly inside CC for clothing and hair, while leaving more detailed physics settings like when assigning collision meshes, cloth physics properties, and testing out the soft cloth physics behaviors in real-time.

3D Marvelous clothing - weight map


Grid Settings

You can now enable the grid function to check if the character is correctly planted to the floor. The size, area and color of the grid are also adjustable.

Contact Settings

This function allows you to adjust the contact settings for foot and hand. For example; the character is able to stand on the floor instead of floating off or sinking to the floor when wearing different heights of shoes.
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*Note: Please ensure that you have enabled Feet Contact in iClone for contact result.

3D shoes and gloves - contact settings

3D Shoes: Automatic Toe and Heel Angle Adjustment

When you design shoes in different heights (sneaker, flip flops) by using the floor contact information, Character Creator will be able to automatically adapt the feet and toe angle to form the most natural wearing behavior. The same adapted feet angle can also benefit all other animations you applied in iClone.

3D shoes - high heels, flat


Automatic Conformation

The Automatic Conformation capability gives Character Creator users another level of simplicity when changing hair styles. No matter what head shape or head scale your character has, just click to apply the selected hair style from the gallery and watch it go to the right place and naturally fit to the character’s skull.

3D Hair for different 3D characters

Non-Conform for Natural Hair Form

If the Conform to mesh shape is on, sometimes the character’s hair can get pushed out by an out-stretched collar, or distorted by character’s heavy upper body morphs.

To prevent from unwanted hair conforming, you can select the hair and uncheck “Enable Conforming” before clothing change or heavy morph adjustments.

3D clothing - modify the back-face


3D clothing - modify the back-face


Soft Physics

Character Creator gives you the easiest way to create dynamic hair behaviors. Developer can use black-and-white maps to determine the level of soft physics simulation that is applied to the hair mesh. See beautiful hair flowing with the character’s movement, or see it respond to the wind.
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3D Hair - different hairstyles
3D Hair - soft physics settings

Flexible Custom Texture Paint

You are free to define the hair color patterns using RGB color mask to separate one piece of hair mesh into different color areas. Using this method you can get a very natural fading tone. For example; you can have the hair root in dark brown, the main area in maroon, and fade the hair tail into white to get an ideal feathering look.

3D Hair - easy to customize hair color
3D Hair - flexible custom texture paint


Auto Apply to Target Location

Accessories can be applied automatically to the corresponding positions of your character. You may also freely move, rotate, and transform them as you wish, for different uses and styles. Like turning headbands into wristbands.

3D accessory - glasses, bands
3D accessory for 3D character

Spring Dynamics or Soft Cloth Behavior

Accessories can have soft-physics enabled, or have dynamic spring effects that will lively up your character's performance.

3D accessory - live character performance
3D accessory - spring dynamics or soft physics


Apply Full Body Dress Styles

This function gives you the option to load full characters or just the cloth, largely increasing the flexibility on setting up unique dress combinations and applying them to loaded characters in one go.

3D clothing for 3D characters
3D clothing - captain, firefighter, leisure, waiter, all business

Dynamic Texture Settings & Custom Texture Paint (3D Shoes & 3D Cloth)

Using an RGB mask to define preferred texture segments for your cloth and shoes, you can easily create unique outfit designs by dynamically changing each segment’s color, pattern or fabric. Starting from CC 1.5, you will be able to directly load your own texture paints to Character Creator in the same manner as you do in iClone.

3D shoes - custom color
3D clothing - texture paint

Free Posing : Load Motion & Edit Motion

Stuck in the dreaded T-pose? Well, no longer is that the case with the new posable functionalities in Character Creator.  Now you can pose your character in all sorts of ways for improved testing. You can even change the clothes of the character and do other modifications while posed!!


The enhanced Calibration function allows you to keep the calibrated posture even after closing its window.
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Load iMotion

You can also drag-and-drop an iMotion into CC to apply the first frame of the animation to the character and use as a single frame pose. 
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3D character poses - load motion files

Pose Editing

Character Creator meets the highest standards of human bone structure and HumanIK motion editing systems. The Post Editing functions give you more freedom to pose your characters and test out their foot contact settings.
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Export well-dressed 3D Characters with Selected Motions to 3rd Party Tools

The powerful FBX export feature can now be directly accessed from Character Creator, which allows you to bring out your well dressed character to other 3D tools, and make them come alive with your selected iMotions.
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*Note: 3DXchange Pipeline Edition is Required for FBX export. Please refer to the License Requirements.

Animated 3D character
3D character - Blender, Maya, ZBrush, 3ds Max, Unity