Adapt, Unify And Simplify Facial And Body Controls

Once characterized in CC, motion resources will import and share among characters, including all the same facial and body controls for voice lip-sync, puppet, mocap, and motion layer editing. All characters are ready for FBX, USD or game engine export.

Body Characterization

Facial Rigs

Motion Import

Animation Ready


Non Standard Humans, also known as Humanoid Characters are in contrast to the CC Avatar (Standard Human). Humanoids are how your custom 3D character designs can become any rigged biped model regardless of the topology design. Characterize with HumanIK and make compatible with thousands of iClone and Actorcore mocap motions. By adding CC facial rigs, humanoid characters can utilize all iClone animation controls and get vivid expression with voice lipsync. Set to animate additional bones as spring bones such as tails and ears for instant secondary animation.


Characterize Rigged Biped Humanoid Characters by Mapping Bones

Whether the biped characters are made by a custom rig or downloaded from online stores, users can easily characterize them with Character Creator’s bone mapping interface making it fully compatible with the HumanIK motion retargeting system. Once the characterization is done, users can access thousands of motion resources from Actorcore, and enjoy powerful animation controls with iClone.
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T-Pose Posture Correction

Use T-Pose to compensate the differences between source and target bones. By offsetting bone axis and angles, users can fix character float, lean forward/backward, shoulder drop/raise, knee bend, arms to body penetration, wrong thumbs axis or twisted fingers. See Manual >

Set Bone Types

Several types of bones are supported in CC Characterization

  • HumanIK Bone - The main body bones for animation
  • Spring Bone - Bones for secondary animation
  • Unused Bone - Set invisible to CC and iClone
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Save Bone Profile

Mapped bone profiles and T-Pose can be saved and reused for characters sharing the same bone structure, allowing automatic future import.
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CC supports all types of facial rig data, along with morphs, bones, or bones plus morphs, gives the largest facial animation freedom for any of your character types. CC facial rigs are fully compatible with iClone facial controls, including Facial Puppet, Face Key Editing, Facial Mocap, or lipsync animation.


CC provides an ease to understand facial framework, just fill in the required feature slot for brows, eyes, head, jaw, cheek, etc. then see your character come to life in no time.

Expression Editing

Use Edit Mesh and Proportion tools for further strengthening the facial blendshapes. Create and add new blendshapes for custom expressions. See Manual >

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Spring Bone Settings

Additional bone chains other than the main body HumanIK can be set as spring bones. Define the bone physics one segment at a time to achieve the ideal result.

Strength Adjustment

Adjust How heavy, how elastic, and how strong you wish the spring chain to react to the animation. Test animations to find the right spring performance balance. See Manual >


The unified CC characterization lets custom animation from a specific character be shared with other characters, also apply all motions from iClone/Actorcore, and create your own custom right-click perform menu.

Bring in Custom Animation

Load your characterized humanoid to the 3D scene, and then drag in their corresponding FBX motion files to this character. Save those animation as rlMotion and apply them to any other CC character. CC and iClone can auto-retarget animation to different body scale without foot sliding.

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Achieve Accurate Lipsync

Painlessly put words in your characters mouth. Simply prepare 15 lips shapes and the character is ready to lipsync with AccuLips, voice file or TTS input.

Compatible with iPhone Facial Mocap

Complete Character Creator facial setup and then immediately see new character faces come to life in iClone. Use the iPhone in iClone to motion capture any face performance. Expand the range of expressions and emotion by adding additional custom morphs to the actor for truly unique facial animation.



Apart from humanoid models, creatures in any possible form can be setup as a character

  • Set spring bones for secondary animation in iClone
  • Save custom animations or poses to motion library
  • Build Perform Menu for quick animation access
  • Create IK/FK animation and physics behaviors in iClone

Setup A Living Creature

If an imported character is not in a biped form, simply import the FBX file into Character Creator, in the prompt dialog choose Creature and set it as a non-human character,. Finally, import its corresponding animation, freely pose it in Character Creator, or create animation in iClone. See Manual >

Apply Source Animation Sessions

To import animation files corresponding to this creature, just drag and drop its fbx animations to this character and import them in one time in a chosen folder, optional right-click animation Perform List can be created as well.

Edit Spring Rig

Any object with bones can be set with spring effects, adjust how heavy, bouncy, and how strong you wish the spring chain react to the animation. Find the right spring type, rotation or translation, suitable for your dynamic performance.
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Apart from playing back imported motions after character import , send a creature character to iClone and alter its behavior using motion layer editor, or curve editor to fine tune animation timing.