Ultra-realistic Realtime Human Rendering

Character Creator (CC) 3D Human Characters are equipped with Reallusion Digital Human Shader for Skin, Eyes, Teeth, and Hair along with SSS (Sub-surface Scattering) and Micro Normal technology. Create believably true-to-life digital humans by allocating CC shader pipeline and custom pro textures assignment. Enjoy fast and quality real-time render results for still art design or live animation performance.

Create Realistic Digital Humans

CC Shader Pipeline with Custom Pro Texture

Real-time Render Realistic Digital Humans

Fast Rendering with Equal Post-render Quality

Live Animate Fully-rigged Realistic Digital Humans

Intuitive Face/Body Animation Editing & Mocap


Skin Color NEW IN V4.0

A shader-level, high-performance, cross-UV skin material adjustment solution. Smart Skin Color not only makes skin tone matching easier, additional blendmaps can be used for overlaying effects. Conveniently export baked textures for other 3D tools.

SSS (Sub-surface Scattering)

Micro Normal

Eye Setting

Eye Shader

Tear Line & Occlusion Mesh

  • Tear Line enhances eyelid moisture, while Occlusion Mesh adds eyeball shadows. There are dedicated shaders for these eye elements.
  • Tear Line and Occlusion Mesh can also morph along with different eye shapes, and adapt to any expressions.

  • View Manual >

Teeth, Gums, Tongue Shaders

  • Full control over Brightness, Desaturation, Roughness, Specular by overall settings or by specific area.
  • Adjustable AO maskings to conceal over-lit inner teeth and tongue.
  • Micro Normal can be applied, and adjusted strength and tiling.
  • SSS can be used to adjust the light transmission effect.

  • View Manual: Teeth & Gums | Tongue

    *Check out Headshot Morph 1000+ to make various shape details of each tooth for natural looks.

Hair Shader


Light Shapes

  • Work in Spotlight and Point Light with the default light shapes including Tube and Rectangle, or import custom patterns for preferred shape.
  • Improve the eye reflection for more natural human looks.
  • Soften the light and shadow to achieve more realistic scenes.

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Courtesy of Mike Seymour

Convert CC PBR to Digital Human Shader

One-click Conversion

  • Click the Convert Object Shader button and select the Digital Human Shader option to convert.
  • The adequate shaders for Head, Teeth, Tongue, Eyes and Skin will automatically be converted.
  • An additional texture panel for Digital Human shader appears, which includes the Transmission, SSS map, Micro Normal, Specular Mask, Micro Normal Masks, and extra blend maps for diffuse and normal to increase detail.
  • Access to Shader Settings for further custom adjustment.

    View Manual >

Applying Material Presets

  • Another way of conversion is by applying the embedded digital human material presets for Skin, Eyes, and Teeth, that will automatically convert PBR assets for digital human shader.
  • Access the DH (Digital Human) material presets from:
    - Skin > Normal > DH Shader Presets
    - Base > Teeth
    - Base > Eye

Process for Hair Flow

  • To keep the correct anisotropic reflection over the hair flow, the Hair Shader requires a custom tangent map to describe the anisotropic direction.
  • Users can custom paint the hair tangent map for specific texture UV layout, red means vertical flow, and green means horizontal flow. By default, this map is in red color.

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