Turn ZBrush Models to Animatable Characters

Efficient Modeling, Animation, Game Design,
and Fine Render for ZBrush

With Character Creator’s (CC) fully-rigged character base and GoZ round trip design, CC gives ZBrush artists a significant edge to quickly turn their detailed ZBrush sculptures into face and body animatable characters. Import all your ZBrush assets including morphs, textures, cloth, hair and accessories into Character Creator, for unlimited mix & matching possibilities. Then animate them through a wealth of motion libraries, HumanIK, or motion capture for action-packed photorealistic renders every time!


How CC Benefits Your ZBrush Design

1Speed to Sculpt with Morph and Pose Prototyping

  • Use CC Quad character base for fast ZBrush character design.
  • Approximate character shape by using morph sliders.
  • Apply aesthetic poses from the CC pose library.
  • Manually define custom poses using Human IK via Pose Editor.
  • GoZ to Subdivide and further Sculpt model in ZBrush.

2Animate ZBrush Characters with Face, Body & Physics

  • ZBrush sculptures become fully-rigged animatable characters once brought into CC.
  • Animate on-the-fly with iClone Motion Libraries, Facial Lip-sync, and Soft-cloth Physics.
  • Capture Face, Body, and Hand Motions with Popular Mocap Hardware using iClone Motion LIVE.
*Requires iClone,  iClone Motion LIVE - sold separately

3Play-ready ZBrush Characters Optimized for Games

  • Gamify your ZBrush characters in CC with the built-in InstaLOD technology that includes: Polygon Reduction, Remesher, UV Merger, and LOD generator.
  • Easy to export and auto convert characters to major game engines such as Unity and Unreal.
  • True-to-life body and facial animations can be brought into any 3D game.
Know more about CC Game Pipeline

4Render ZBrush Characters with Photorealism

  • Render professional photo-quality visuals with interactive Iray Render.
  • Multiple material select, and one-time adjustment using the default ‘PBR to Iray’ Super Shader.
  • Access to a library of character poses, stage props, and Iray light templates for instant professional renders.
*Requires Iray Render Plug-in - sold separately

Learn How to Design CC Character, Cloth, Accessory Using ZBrush

Shape Design

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Texture Paint

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Transfer Skin Weights

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Pablo Munoz Gomez

Pablo, the Character Concept Artist and Instructor at ZBrushGuides, shares how he uses Character Creator and ZBrush to produce a character concept in a pose for real-time rendering.