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The Character Creator (CC) Omniverse Connector adds the power of a full character generation system with motions and unlimited creative variations to NVIDIA Omniverse. Professionals of any skill level can leverage the tools to create digital humans for projects with efficiency and without the need to outsource or forego digital humans due to cost or human resource challenges. Enable rapid character creation, choose animations from a vast library of motion capture, or add and edit custom motion with iClone. For Reallusion iClone and CC users, Omniverse is an incredible addition allowing live coordination with other 3D tools, or with other computers via USD* data interchange standard.
*USD stands for Pixar's Universal Scene Description

Pipeline and application of Reallusion and Omniverse Pipeline and application of Reallusion and Omniverse
Nvidia omniverse avator Nvidia omniverse avator


The Character Creator design process provides ultimate flexibility for building a variety of avatars that can truly represent the client’s workforce, in a digital format that reflects their cultural diversity. Character Creator Headshot, SkinGen and Smart Hair all allow for detailed character definition from head to toe. Reallusion is connecting the complete character creation process to Omniverse.

Morphs, Outfit, Hairstyles, and Accessories
  • Character Creator (CC) avatars can be chosen from a library, or custom creation can begin with highly-morphable fully-rigged bases. The outfit system and modular asset design allowing creators of all skill levels a way to easily design characters from scratch for Omniverse projects.
  • Morphing controls make detailed designs possible for an unlimited number of character options, no matter for realistic human or stylized characters.
Generate Digital Doubles from One Photo
  • With the Headshot plugin for Character Creator, creating digital doubles and likenesses is possible without modelling or outsourcing. Through the simplicity of transforming a single photo into a 3D head, CC Headshot can build a custom digital human face in minutes.
  • Sculpt and shape the character with an extensive list of body and facial morph sliders to fine-tune every section of the character. Achieving realistic or stylized results is possible to match any Omniverse project.
Ultra-realistic Human Skin Synthesis
  • SkinGen is an ultra realistic human skin generator and layer system in Character Creator for creating skin and special skin characteristics from entire looks complete with makeup.
  • Stack and customize layered skin editing, micro normal details and advanced settings for color, age and cosmetics design.
Massive Character Assets & Motions
  • Choose animation for CC characters to use in Omniverse by selecting motions from the ActorCore 3D motion marketplace or creating and editing motion and mocap with iClone.
  • The ActorCore motion library offers single motion purchases and volume motion pack discounts. All CC characters are fully compatible with iClone motions and may be transferred with the character USD for Omniverse.
  • Clothing and accessories finish the look for your Omniverse project. Select from an assortment of clothing options, edit and customize, or shop the available content from a myriad of fashion options.
  • Full custom clothing can be produced through compatibility with Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, Blender and Autodesk.
nvidia omniverse - character assets and motion - store and marketplace

Audio2Face Sneak Preview

  • One-click direct export CC3+ creation base / game base character and head mesh to Audio2Face.
  • Simplified wrap process with Character Creator presets in Audio2Face to generate expressive facial animations and lip-syncs from multi-language voices.
  • Audio2Face real-time post process with various facial styles and different facial strength levels.

CC Omniverse Connector v3.43 above required.

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NVIDIA Omniverse™ is an open platform built for virtual collaboration and real-time photorealistic simulation. Complex visual workflows of creators, designers, and engineers are transformed as users and teams connect design tools, assets, and projects for collaborative iteration in a virtual world.

Animatable Characters for a Virtual World

Real-time Previs Movie Directing

New to Character Creator
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Get the tools to create Omniverse-ready digital humans.
Download a full evaluation trial of Character Creator Pipeline to design custom characters with ease.

For Character Creator Users
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Get started with NVIDIA Omniverse by downloading the Launcher and Character Creator Omniverse Connector. Use the Omniverse Exporter from Character Creator to export and transfer any CC character and motion as USD to Omniverse.
*CC3.41 above Pipeline Free Update required

Quick Start with USD Samples

Free Characters with Motions for Omniverse

Get a first-hand experience of the Character Creator digital humans with these drag-and-drop free assets. These sample files reflect the USD and MDL output you can achieve with any Character Creator design for Omniverse.

  • Three characters included each representing media entertainment, game design, and AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) work simulation, with corresponding ActorCore mocap motions for animation.
  • Direct access after installing Omniverse Drive:
    NVIDIA > Assets > Characters > Reallusion

For fast animation with commercial quality rendering, please visit iClone Omniverse Connector.