Daz & Poser Transformer

One-stop Avatar Maker for Animated Characters


Transform, morph, mix and blend Daz and Poser characters into Character Creator. Optimize Daz and Poser characters and assets for animation, games, VR and AR. Enable Daz and Poser characters, clothing, accessories and props into animation-ready assets.

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1Bridge Daz and Poser Assets with Character Creator for More Possibilities

Transformer - One Step Import Complete Character

  • Smart Transformer design to fast import Daz Genesis, M4, V4, and Poser M4, V4 character assets.
  • Convert all texture channels to real-time PBR materials standard.
  • Auto Daz-to-CC, and Poser-to-CC character retopology and UV texture baking for assets compatiblity.
  • Be able to import morphable hair and cloth, and keep their morph editing capabilities.

Total Daz & Poser 3D Content Integration

  • Save Daz and Poser character shape, outfit, hair, shoes, material presets as Character Creator assets.
  • Mix and blend CC and Daz / Poser assets for ultimate design freedom.

2Import OBJs with Auto Skin Weight Transfer for Quick Clothing Creation

  • Import OBJ mesh as Cloth Assets.
  • Using custom pose to align character with imported mesh.
  • Skin Weight Transfer from cloth templates or custom imported skin mesh.
  • The ability to transform individual mesh elements.
  • Refine surfaces with push and pull brush tools.

3Convert DAZ and Poser Content into Real-time PBR for Game Engines & iClone

  • View Daz and Poser characters in industry-standard PBR shader.
  • Access to the roughness and metallic material and compatibility with iClone, Unity, Unreal, and Substance Designer.
  • Support real-time mesh illumination for Indirect lighting using Nvidia Voxel GI (Global Illumination) technology.
  • Real-time Ambient Occlusion, HDR, tone map, and blooming effects.

4Optimize Polygons, Remesh and Unify Textures for Game Characters with LOD

  • Polygon reduction to selected items, or to all wearable assets.
  • Bake high mesh detail to diffuse and normal map to enhance low-poly display.
  • Merge texture UVs in order to reduce draw call in game engines.
  • Generate character LODs for optimal game performance.
  • Convert to low-poly CC Game-Base character while keeping facial animation.

5Render Professional Photo-Quality Visuals with Interactive Iray Render

  • Skin, teeth, lips, nails, hair, and eyes are optimized for Iray rendering.
  • Adding skin masks for natural Subsurface scattering.
  • Multiple material select and one-time adjustment using the default PBR to Iray Super Shader.
  • Access to a library of character poses, stage props, and Iray light templates for instant professional render.

*Requires Iray Render Plug-in - sold separately

6Animate On-the-fly with Motion Libraries, Facial lip-sync and Soft-cloth Physics

  • Body animation: a unique puppeteering engine, motion clip blending, thousands of professional mocap, HIK timeline motion layer editing.
  • Facial animation: 60 facial morphs ready for audio lip-sync and puppet emotive expressions with motion key editing.
  • Dynamic soft-cloth and hairs physics behaviors to create natural movements.

*Requires iClone - sold separately

7Capture Face, Body and Hand Motions with Popular Mocap Hardware

  • Employ a full body motion capture platform to simultaneously animate CC character faces, hands and bodies.
  • Observe your motion captured animations on real and stylized characters for visual feedback on performances.
  • Ideal for virtual production, performance capture, live TV/Online shows, and web broadcasting.

*Requires iClone Motion LIVE - sold separately


Cloth Hide Mesh

  • Fix surface penetration, and save body hide mesh definition in clothes.
  • Select major body parts for large area mesh hiding.
  • Hide mesh by segments, and define hidden meshes with Face Selection or Brush Tool.

Importing High Heel Shoes

  • Applying T-Pose before FBX export.
  • Adjust high-heel foot angle in CC.

Importing Morphable Assets

  • Adding rules when exporting morphable assets.
  • Using imported morph sliders.
  • Create morph animation in iClone.