Characters for All Production Needs

Two main Actorcore character types - ActorSCAN and ActorBUILD, both are fully-rigged, facial animation ready, and light weight for crowd rendering. To fully customize your character appearance, outfit, and body shapes, you can find their corresponding high-res assets designed for Character Creator.

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10K - 20K polygon, 4K texture resolution (PBR shader)

20K - 60K polygon, 5 body parts with 4K texture resolution
(SSS Digital Human Shader)

ActorSCAN characters are designed to enliven your business simulations with the most realistic, light weight, and fully controllable photogrammetry scanned humans. Through them we introduce the most intuitive scan-to-animation production pipeline ever.

  • Fully-rigged, realistic 3D people made through professional 3D scans
  • 60 blendshapes for facial expression and lip-sync animation
  • Compatible with iClone AccuLips and traditional lip-sync
  • Includes eyes, jaw, shoulders, fingers, and toes rig for true-to-life animation controls
  • Exceptional visual details suitable for most camera ranges
  • Optimized data performance for real-time 3D crowd renders

All possible character forms tailored through Character Creator, with a wide variety of body shapes, outfits, accessories and hair styles suitable for game, film, and interactive projects.

  • 3D characters in several possible forms including historical, sci-fi, fantasy, realistic or stylized
  • Built with different hairs, body shapes, facial appearances, outfits, and accessories in Character Creator
  • Optimized through merged materials and polygon reduction for crowd rendering
  • Fully rigged for body and facial animation
  • Compatible with iClone AccuLips and traditional lip-sync

The ultra realistic digital humans deliver the highest details for close-up performance, customizable with hair, facial and body morph, skin layers, and outfit systems, suitable for film and AAA game projects.

  • The source characters for the ActorBUILD series
  • Native character formats (CC3+) in Character Creator, with large asset support for combining different body shapes, appearances, outfits, and accessories
  • Fully rigged for facial and body mocap, compatible with iClone lip-sync animation
  • Digital human shader for realistic real-time rendering


actorSCAN actorBUILD actorORIGIN
Brief Photorealistic 3D scanned characters Game based characters with diverse styles, tailored in Character Creator Character Creator based, high-res digital human characters with sophisticated skin, hair, and eyes details
Application Crowd rendering for archviz, game, film, digital twins; suitable for long to middle shot camera ranges, with natural facial performance Crowd rendering for archviz, game, film, digital twins; suitable for long to middle shot camera ranges, with natural facial performance Digital human actors for games, AR/VR, live performances, animation and film, suitable for extreme close-up camera angles
Geometry 7K to 10K quads 14K to 20K tris 17K quads for CC3+ body; around 50K-70K with hair and dress
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Material One material with 4K resolutions One material with 4K resolutions 4K texture resolution for 4 main body parts; separate UV for nails and eyelashes
Rigged Yes Yes Yes
Shader PBR PBR Digital Human Shaders for skin, hair, eyes, teeth, mouth
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Facial Animation 60 Blendshapes 60 Blendshapes 60 Blendshapes

*Note : actorBUILD character creation will be officially supported by CC4 version.