Automatic Shader and Skeleton Assignment for Characters & Assets

Character Creator, iClone and ActorCore provide quality characters, animations, and assets to game developers. To save time in the complicated and routine works of import, Reallusion offers tools to automate the process of shader assignment and characterization for Unity.

Special Notice:

After the source code release for the Unity Auto Setup, our technology partner Victor.Soupday has well developed updated Unity add-on. The add-on was primarily made for importing and automatically setting up materials for Character Creator and iClone character exports into the Unity HDRP Pipeline.
Please check Reallusion Forum for details.

You can download the source package on GitHub: HDRP | URP | Build-in

You are also more than welcome to visit our Forum and post your questions to join the community discussion.



Installation Guide for New Users

The Character Creator & iClone Auto Setup can be manually installed into Unity folder in order to be applicable in Unity.

  1. Download the installation file.
  2. Execute the file and you will get an Auto Setup folder under C:\Program Files\Reallusion\Shared Plugins\Auto Setup by default.
  3. Open the sub-folder named Unity, and you will find three folders which indicate different versions of Unity.
  4. Open the folder ideal for your version of Unity, and drag the unitypackage to the Assets folder in Unity.
  5. The Editor folder and the CC_Assets folder will be automatically generated under the Assets folder after installed.

For the full installation guide and online manual, please check HERE.

Important Notice: Update Guide for Existing Users


  1. Updates to or removal of the Character Creator & iClone Auto Setup will reset the materials on all characters & props. Please reconfigure your material settings after update.

Please read the instructions carefully before updating the Character Creator & iClone Auto Setup.

  1. Open the Unity Editor.
  2. Re-imported LWRP.unitypackage, HDRP.unitypackage or 3D.unitypackage to the project section to replace old version.

For the full update guide, please check HERE.


The Character Creator & iClone Auto Setup is compatible with Character Creator, iClone and ActorCore. Find the Learning Resources from the links below.

Character Creator

Character Creator is a full character creation solution for designers to easily create, import and customize character assets. It connects industry leading pipelines into one system for 3D character generation, animation, rendering, and interactive design.


iClone is a real-time 3D animation software for digital actors, virtual environments, visual effects with drag & drop editing, powerful physics and easy plug-in compatibility, designed for creativity in storytelling and broadcast production, education & previsualization.


ActorCore offers vivid 3D characters with facial animation for archviz, business, training, game and film use; along with a large library of motions and compatible FBX file export, it is the best content marketplace for 3D production makers seeking high quality content and a fast, easy workflow.