Preview, Animate, Share, and Render Character Work

The CC animation features let character designers see living characters inside Character Creator, helping to check imported character rigs, enhancing cloth skin weight and physics, and testing facial expression and lipsync assignment right after customization.

Preview Animation

Present Your Work

Render and Export



In addition to creating 3D character models in CC, with the Animation Player, designers can see their characters live with natural facial and body movement, and be able to nicely present with the 360 turntable. Freely combine body animation with facial movement or set the animation back to pose. Autoplay animation when loading a character or applying an animation file. See Manual >


Body Rig

Access to Calibration - Preview animations and see how each of the character joint works, it helps on reviewing and fixing skin weight for body, cloth, and hair.

Facial Rig

With the expression slider customization feature in Expression Editor, you can use the included Calibration - Facial Rig animation to see how your new expression slider works. Using the expression slider customization feature in the Expression Editor, the included Calibration Facial Rig animation shows the new expression slider adjustment at work.


Use the lipsync customization feature in the Expression Editor, and the included Calibration - Facial Rig - Lipsync animation to see how the lip shapes works when talking.


Test out cloth/hair physics and fine-tune collision mesh settings with the included Calibration - catwalk animation. Observe how soft physics works with spins and turns or how they react to wind.

Pose Editing

Other than capturing a selected pose from an animation file, users can easily create a custom facial and body pose. Save results to the motion library, display it with turntable, render it as a high-res media, or export it as OBJ.


Import Animation

Quickly import motions to your humanoid characters from well-known cg and game engine rigs such as Mixamo, Blender Meta Rig, Maya HumanIK, 3ds Max Biped, Daz 3D and Unreal.   See Manual >   See Tutorial >

Perform List Editor

Users can build a right-click Perform Menu easily from Perform List Editor, simply adding multiple rlMotions from the gallery, and reorder them as you wish. The Pack feature let you place all imported motions to the same designated folder. Users can send the characrter to iClone, right-click Perform to see all the imported motions of the character.   See Manual >   See Tutorial >



Character designers can use the turntable to real-time review character art or render it as video to share work in progress or final designs. Adjust settings for turn speed, cycles, and selectable turn items. Free 3D turntable bases are included with customizable logo textures.

Atmosphere and Lightroom

Make sure to try this before attempting to make custom lighting enhancements. Experience diverse looks and how real characters can be by using lighting presets here.

Atmosphere contains IBL, lights and lens flare, just drag and switch to a new light scheme; Lightroom is a superset format additionally with props, background image, and camera for specific pose or scene composition.


Render Animation

Rendering 3D characters with the CC included Acting motions, or combine facial, body and gesture motions for unique animation sequences now made possible in Character Creator. Native animation compatibility with iClone and accessibility to the largest motion library, Actorcore. Now with CC, the animation possibilities are endless.

Export to Major Platforms

CC Characters and Animation export to FBX and USD format for most popular game engines and 3D tools. Optimized character format and shader level compatibility are supported by Unreal, Unity, Omniverse, and Blender. Realize full FBX compatibility with Maya, 3ds Max and Cinema 4D.
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Compatible Formats:

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