Plug-in for iClone & Character Creator


Iray Render Plug-in allows for the creation of state-of-the-art workflow with access to photo-realistic and physically based

3D rendering

technology by simulating real-world physical behaviors of light and materials. The Iray implementation in Character Creator and iClone comes with a collection of easy-to-apply materials that do not require the user to have in-depth knowledge in CGI techniques, thanks to its material and light auto-conversion workflow and a vast material library.

iClone is a real-time 3D animation software that includes character animation, scene design, cinematic storytelling and much more, in one real-time engine.

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Character Creator (CC) can create realistic looking, animation-ready 3D human characters for use with iClone and other 3D tools.

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Why Iray

High Performance and Realistic Visuals

  • Iray with AI is bringing deep learning to both final frame and interactive photo-realistic rendering. This unique capability coming to Iray can expedite fine rendering in ways never seen before.
  • Employ realistic ray-tracing with physically based lighting and real-world materials.
  • Utilize your GPU to speed up the rendering and multiple GPUs to increase available video memory and boost render performance.



Interactive mode yields high-speed realistic rendering that can handle most naturalistic visuals including metallic surfaces and subsurface scattering. Photo-real mode goes a step beyond with advanced effects like caustics, reflections, refractions and complex global illumination at the expense of time.  Know More >


Iray provides a full range of lighting techniques including High Dynamic Range Image-based Lighting, emissive materials, physically based Sun and Sky. At the fundamental level, common directional, point, and spotlight systems can be easily converted from iClone light props.  Know More >

IBL & Basic Light

Image-based Lighting (IBL) is a 3D rendering technique that uses High Dynamic Range (HDR) images to provide 3D scenes with highly-detailed, real-world lighting. You can synchronize sky textures to IBL images, create your own IBL maps from 3D scenes, and then blend and animate them to achieve dynamic lighting effects.

Mesh Lighting (Emissive Materials)

Mesh Light for Iray is a highly versatile lighting system defined by emissive materials from scene objects. Emissive materials emit light across their surface area. They contribute to bounce lighting in your scene and the associated properties such as color and intensity can be changed using iClone glow maps.

Sun and Sky

Iray features an advanced sun and sky system based on the highly accurate atmospheric simulation. Compute blue skies and red sunsets while abiding to physical laws of nature or render any time of the day realistically and expeditiously.

IES Library

IES stands for Illuminating Engineering Society. The IES standard file format was created for the electronic transfer of photo-metric data over the web. It has been widely used by many lighting manufacturers and is one of the industry standards in photo-metric data distribution.  Know More >


IES light files are created by many major lighting manufacturers and can be downloaded freely from their websites: ALL3dfree, LeoMoon Studios, IES Files, Derek Jenson-3d Artist


Iray for iClone plugin translates cameras directly into Iray while retaining key attributes such as positioning, aspect ratio, depth of field (DOF) and FOV. Realistic camera effects can be achieved with a combination of Iray tone mapping, white balance, bloom, exposure value (EV), and render passes.

* Motion Blur is not supported in the current version of Iray.


Smart Render Viewport

  • Use Preview Region tool to refresh only a portion of the Preview Render image.
  • Includes tools like Zoom, Fast Scale, and Auto-fit to Window.
  • Pause and resume the render to focus system resources when needed.
  • Copy and Paste rendered image to another application
  • Direct access to render passes.
  • Set background transparency and include alpha channel in supporting image formats.
  • Adjustable sample times and the ability to adjust render iterations anytime.
  • Turn on auto-refresh for interactive rendering or turn it off to eke out performance.  Know More >

Management Over CPU & Multi-GPU Resources

  • Memory status indicator
  • Hardware assignment.
  • Nvidia AI-accelerated denoiser for spotless image creation at record speeds.
  • Iray supports any number or combination of GPUs and CPUs running within the same machine and gives you fine-grain control over allocation. This makes multi-GPU systems the preferred choice for Iray applications.  Know More >