iClone is the fastest real-time 3D animation software helping users easily produce professional animations for films, previz, animation, video, and games. iClone simplifies the world of 3D Animation in a user-friendly environment that blends facial performance, character animation, mocap production, scene design, and cinematic storytelling.


BuildingGen plug-in for iClone - Modular 3D Building Generator

AccuFACE - Video-based AI facial mocap & live from webcam or recorded video. Explore >

3D crowd simulation and digital twins. Explore >

Mocap Cleanup  |  Motion Editing  |  Accurate Interaction
Explore >

A truly accessible, controllable, and editable wrinkle-blending system driven by facial expression morphs. Explore >

Motion Director - React to Surface  |   Unreal Live Link 1.1 - Full-frame Data Link & Timecode Sync


Comprehensive Realtime Production

iClone is like a swiss army knife for fast animation production with a powerful character animation system and beyond including all critical features for storytelling, scene construction, physics simulation, multi-camera directing, and visual effects.

Light & Shadow

IBL, global illumination (GI), volumetric light, soft shadow, shadow caster, eye adaptation, IES

Camera Systems

Dynamic control over lens type, focal length, depth of field, camera switch

Props & Scene

Sky, terrain, water, SpeedTree, PhysX rigid body and cloth simulation

Realtime Visuals

PBR, SSS, motion blur, lens flare, glare, fog, reflective surface, particle effects


Modular scene management, asset filer, fast show/hide, merge projects, isolate selection


iClone is perfectly coupled with Character Creator (CC), enliven all character types made by CC and also access shared folders for character assets, motion data, and facial resources between iClone and CC.


iClone provides an open API for python scripting, Unreal Live Link, and free plugins for NVIDIA Omniverse render and more.


iClone and CC seamlessly work together as one big design-to-animation character platform and greatly ease the in-and-out productivity with many other 3D applications.


Access the largest premium character library made by top designers and enjoy the consistent drag-and-drop experience to build new designs using thousands of characters, morphs, skin, outfit, shoes, hair, accessories, and motions are at your selection.

Participate in the marketplace designer community and profit from your creativity.

iClone 8 vs. iClone 7
Features iClone 8 iClone 7
*New functions in iClone 8 are marked in bold.
*All items are priced in US dollars.
With partial 3DXchange Pipeline integration, Curve Editor and Motion LIVE.
iClone 7: $199
3DXchange Pipeline: $499
Curve Editor: $149
Motion LIVE: $199
Lipsync & Facial Expression Editing AccuLips Lip-sync
Facial Puppet
Face Key Editor (Muscle, Expression, Morph Slider)
Advanced Muscle Panel (Multi-Level)
Detailed Layer Tracks (Bones, Blendshapes, Facial Features)
Curve Editor (Facial Control)
(Paid plugin, No facial control)
Body Motion Edting FK/IK Editing
Basic Layer Keys
Motion Blending
Transition Curve Preset
Look-at Constraint
Reach Constraint
Reach Target Editor (Interactive Motion)
Vertex Animation (Point cache)
Direct Puppet
Motion Puppet
Motion Modify
Morph Animation
Animation Layer Editor
Auto Root Alignment Between Motion Clips
Extended Looping Animation (Continuous Forward Motion)
Bi-directional Blending for Smooth Clip Transition
Motion Direction Control
End Effector Editing
On-Screen Body Control Rig
Detailed Layer Tracks (Part Level, Bone Level)
Motion Correction (Footstep, Handprint Editing)
Curve Editor
(Paid plugin)
Perform Editor (Motion Playlist)
Mirror Motion & Masked Motion Copy
Motion Director
(Play to Animate)
Player Control: Mouse, Keyboard and Controller
NPC Control: Path, Bounding, Script, Follow
Behavior Manager to Activate/Expand Motions
Motion LIVE Unified Motion Capture for Face, Body and Hand ✓ (Paid plugin)
Supported File Format (Import) OBJ (Mesh, Material)
FBX (Mesh, Material, Motion)
(Requires 3DX Pipeline)
Alembic Animation (Same Vertex Count)
iAvatar, iCloth, iShoes, iGloves, iHair, iAcc
iMotion, rlMotion
Supported File Format (Export) OBJ (Static Mesh)
(Requires 3DX Pro)
FBX (Bone Rig, Animation, Blendshapes)
(Requires 3DX Pipeline)
iAvatar, iCloth, iShoes, iGloves, iHair, iAcc (to Character Creator)
iMotion, rlMotion, iMotionPlus (to Character Creator)
ABC (Alembic)
(Requires 3DX Pipeline)
USD (Omniverse)
(Requires 3DX Pipeline)
Visual HDR (Bake HDR Video)
IBL, Directional, Spotlight, Point Light
Soft Shadow, Shadow Catcher, Mutiplier
Global Illumination (GI)
PBR/Digital Human Shader
Point Light with Shadow
Volumetric Light
Mirror Plane Shader
Lens Flare
Motion Blur
Eye Adaption
Exclude Visual Effect by Object or Material
Performance Minimal Mode
Static Object
GPU Acceleration (Skin Bone)
Accelerated Show/Hide
Productivity Python API
Flexible Frame Rate
Merge Project
Collection Manager (Group)
Hotkey Manager
Device Mapping (Camera, Light, Object RTS)
Environment & Character Settings Light Creation
Character Proportion
NVIDIA PhysX (Rigid Body/Kinamtic/Soft Cloth)
Morph Creator
Stage & Prop Terrain, SpeedTree, Sky, Water
Animated Prop with Right-Click Perform List
Video Texture/Transparent Video
Render Subdivision
Realtime Render
Supersampling (up to X times)
Toon Shader
360 Video
PBR/Digital Human Shader
Unreal Live Link (Indie Free/Paid)
*Requires additional purchase

*Requires additional purchase
PopcornFX (Paid)
*Requires additional purchase

*Requires additional purchase
Iray (Paid)
*Requires additional purchase

*Requires additional purchase
Omniverse Connector (Free)
Smart Gallery (Free)


Auto-setup for Unreal (Free)
Auto-Setup for Unity (Free)