Discover BuildingGen, the ultimate solution for creating customizable 3D buildings effortlessly. Unlike traditional modular building generators that require extensive node-graph editing, BuildingGen enables instant generation of 3D buildings using customizable Blueprints. Easily organize your 3D modules into versatile packages, define construction styles with interchangeable components and materials, and enjoy unparalleled flexibility in architectural design.


Harness a diverse range of modular components to craft a myriad of housing styles, whether it's modern, sci-fi, sustainable, cartoonish, and beyond. BuildingGen can perfectly tailor each building to complement your 3D environment.



From Blueprint to Final Structure

Allow the BuildingGen Blueprint to inspire your creative instincts. Simply input foundational units, specify the number of floors, and arrange the building components, to realize any building you envision. Blueprint is a fast and interactive way to explore different modular configurations and view their outcomes in realtime.

Over 210 Samples and Components

Reallusion provides an expansive collection of ready-to-use assets, including 10 pre-designed buildings and over 200 3D components and materials. These assets are primed for deployment to construct diverse 3D environments. Alternatively, utilize the BuildingGen tools to tailor them to your liking.

  • iBuilding
  • Material & Element

Easy Construction with Four Distinct Styles

Each building offers a choice of four distinct styles, including red brick, stone walls, and various shades of plaster. With complete control over every building element, you can mix and match these styles to create truly unique architectural designs.


Structural Modification

  • Adjusting Units
  • Adjusting Levels
Effortlessly modify the building structure by adding or removing selected units, incorporating pillars, fences, or steps to fashion terraces, balconies, or open-air spaces.




* The above presentations feature content from the French Style content pack.

Add or remove floor levels for the buildings at any moment in production. Or save time by duplicating certain floors and rearranging them as you see fit.




* The above presentations feature content from the French Style content pack.

Exterior Refinement

  • Components & Materials
  • Building Decorations
Even after a building is constructed, a world of possibilities awaits. From replacing wall and facade materials to swapping out elements like door and window frames, this is where building aesthetics can be enhanced.

Swapping Materials

Swapping Elements

Take joy in decorating your buildings with enlivening sundry, whether they are self-authored or sourced from content packs. Add function and purpose to dwellings and facilities by adding items like potted plants, pipes, awnings, and more. These decorations are prepared as child elements that automatically align and position themselves on the wall's surface.

Smart Rebuild

BuildingGen offers intelligent functionality for reconfiguring existing buildings. Modify the entire structure, restyle levels or components while preserving the overall integrity of the building. It's about making precise changes without the need to start from scratch or endure repetitive processes!

Retaining Structure


One-click Day & Night Switch

Building materials offer day and night modes. Easily switch between these two modes to adapt to the time of day and witness windows illuminate as if the buildings are truly occupied! Other details can also be added and enhanced such as realistic glass reflection and window dressing.
Reflecting Window Panes


BuildingGen optimization features guarantee nothing goes to waste. Repeated textures and models can be consolidated and sourced as one. Its modular design philosophy lends itself perfectly to efficient instancing, allowing multiple buildings to share a resource pool. Whether optimizing individual structures or a selection of buildings, the impact is immediate — with noticeable reductions in frame rate, resulting in smoother, more responsive operation.


BuildingGen packages simplify the rapid deployment of buildings tailored to specific styles and eras, melding smoothly with any motif. Customize your building packages by importing external content or incorporating your own assets to achieve the desired aesthetic. The intuitive Packager tool can assign roles to building parts and assign elements and materials to building components.
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Asset Sourcing

Add modular building components to expand your collection.


Standardize Imported Components

Adjust materials, position and orient building components


Create iBuilding Packages

Import models, set attributes, define elements and materials.


Building Generation

Load a style package and start constructing.


Kickstart Your BuildingGen Experience with Unexpected Value. BuildingGen + French Style
10 premade buildings, 600+ components to build the versatile scenes