3D Content

In 3D animation workflow, content is the biggest time saver for a speedy production. For more than 10 years, Reallusion has been dedicated to creating a smart and efficient way to use content, and is constantly evolving the content development pipeline to make it easier for developers to bring their best assets to iClone users.

Embedded Content

Included with every copy of iClone is a variety of free, embedded content to help you quickly experience the excitement of character creation. This includes several demo projects for various scenarios; basic clothing and accessory presets for base characters and bring them alive with hundreds of motions and expressions. Build the whole environment with stage elements covering scenes, props, true camera, studio lighting, post effects, 3D blocks, and much more to add flavor to your designs.

Easliy get and arrange these free assets via the intuitive Smart Gallery.

free embedded 3d content - characters, props, motions, projects - iClone

Reallusion Content Platforms

Instant access to a comprehensive library of template-based embedded content for quick character and stage setup. Reallusion provides the largest online resource collection for real-time 3D assets, fulfilling your need for characters, motions, props and textures. Find over 14,000 branded value packs in the Reallusion Content Store, and more than 340,000 items created by certified members in the Reallusion Marketplace. Freely take advantage of the live content access and try-before-you-buy systems.

A place where you can find massive premium content packs created by both Reallusion and highly skilled independent developers.

A complete C2C platform which is designed to provide you with a "try before you buy" and "item-based purchase" live content experience.

Bring in Any 3D Resource

iClone is designed to make the most of your content. With the iClone 7 PBR upgrade, you now have access to brand new communities loaded with PBR content such as Sketchfab. You can import content made in other 3D tools like Maya or Blender, and the content type can be everything from simple static items to animated objects and motion files or fully-rigged human and non-human characters.

import 3d content via animation pipeline - 3DXchange import 3d content via animation pipeline - 3DXchange
3d content from blender, daz, maya, 3ds max, mixamo, unity, sketchfab 3d content from blender, daz, maya, 3ds max, mixamo, unity, sketchfab
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