The Curve Editor allows you to adapt all the skills of classic animation principles to your iClone animations. Select a motion clip or a section of keys from the timeline and start applying curves to achieve the best animation performance. Exercise full control over time and space adjustments in your animations, create smooth and cinematic cameras, perform arc rotation for cartoon animation, and achieve the perfect ease-in and out behavior!

Full Featured Curve Editing

  • Outliner Tools: display the object-related nodes with RTS (rotation, translation, and scale) curves in Tree Mode or List Mode, with Keyword Filtering options.
  • Tangent Tools: quick access to the frequent-use tangent types such as Auto, Smooth, Spline, Linear, Step, Accelerate or Decelerate. (allow edit in and out tangents separately)
  • Handle Tools: allow for the adjustment of the tangents for the transition style to exaggerate or understate the animation.
  • Key Editing Tools: regular editing features for keys such as selecting, adding, deleting keys, and setting values and times.
  • Navigation Tools: pan and zoom the graph view for better observation of the displayed curves.

Tangent Tools

Auto, Smooth, Spline, Linear, Step, Accelerate, Decelerate

Handle Tools

Break, Unify, Show Handle, Multiple Editing

Key Editing Tools

Move, Add, Delete, and Multi-Scaling

Navigation Tools

Horizontal & Vertical Frame, Pan, Zoom

Works with iClone Timeline System

  • Curve Editor is fully optimized to adapt to the iClone timeline design, all edit in curve editor now reflect to timeline system, and vice versa.
  • Right-click to access the Curve Editor from the Timeline Clip or Keys.
  • The playhead inside the Timeline and Curve Editor can be simultaneously moved.
  • The Curve Editor will be auto updated to reflect the data in a selected clip.

Practical Curve Presets for Instant Animation

  • Life-like curve behaviors with the Transition Curve Preset Types provide an abundant way to re-interpret the motions.
  • Once a Curve Preset is picked, the result will be immediately visible in the viewport, making it fast and easy for the user to determine the most suitable transition type.
  • 16 Presets represent for commonly used animations such as acceleration, deceleration, smooth, damping, and different bouncing types.
  • Curve Presets can be further customized using Curve Editor after Sampling and Optimization.

Create Studio Level Character Animation

With the iClone Curve Editor, you are able to accomplish most of the classic principles of cartoon animation such as Exaggeration, Arc Motion, Secondary Animation, Follow Through and Overlapping, etc.

IK/FK Motion Control

The FK mode allows users edit all available character bones, and be able to work perfectly with the intuitive Human IK editing.

Mirror Edit & Mirror Copy

Mirror mode can be used to animate both sides of the body at the same time, while Mirror Copy can copy one side of the character’s poses to the opposite side, save the efforts on walk or run loop editing.

Adjust Animation Styles

Adjust motion layer keys and in-between tangent curves to exaggerate the motion for cartoon characters.

Reach Effector Editing

Reach Effector Editing is useful to enforce foot contact in the walk cycle, or create realistic Reach Interaction between characters and objects. Be able to bake Reach keys back to regular character motion.

Realistic Camera Behavior

  • Simulate natural camera movement using smooth transition curve and ease-in and out.
  • Generate cinematic camera moves by using a different tangent type or curve presets.

Sampling and Optimizing Keys

  • Sample Keys out from a Motion Clip for further editing. You can either sample keys for all motion layers, or for specific chosen layer tracks.
  • Merge layer keys back to motion clip for additional pass of layer editing
  • For simplifying the hyper-dense sampled keys, you can optimize the keys with custom threshold for better modification.

Path Animation with Motion Curve Timing Control

The support for path animation in Curve Editor grants professional power over the timing of objects moving along a trail. Besides creating dramatic cartoony physics, it can also simulate realistic local transformations for the likes of cars, planes, birds, fishes, and other creatures.

Mocap Data Cleaning

  • Take out jitters, glitches or redundant keys within motion data by sampling clip and smoothing out selected keys
  • Remove foot sliding using Reach Effector editing to ensure firm foot contact to the floor.
  • Easy re-edit mocap data by turning them into manageable keys for curve editing.
  • Seamless connecting with Motion LIVE - the unified full-body mocap solution for iClone. The Curve Editor can easily clean up mocap data captured through the Motion LIVE platform. Helping you quickly create professional animations within the iClone suite pipeline.