Camera Animation

Produce professional shots by using industry-standard cameras like Alexa, Red, Canon and more! Use iClone for all your production requirements including previz, techviz, and take advantage of the new 1:1 seamless camera pipeline compatibility with the ability to import or export cameras via FBX.

Shoot with Real Cameras & Lenses

use ARRI Alexa XT to produce professional camera animations
use ARRIFLEX 416 PLUS to produce professional camera animations
use Canon EOS 5D Mark III to produce professional camera animations

iClone has a fully customizable camera system to match the industry standard so that users can accurately simulate real-world cinematography. Compatibility is key with flawless import & export of camera data between 3D and video tracking tools. The Real Camera System in iClone is a solid foundation for final rendering, technical previz, MatchMove, as well as linking with a virtual camera.    Know More >

Greatly enhanced functions added in DOF such as: Focus Distance for focal point, Focus Range, Near/Far Transition Region, Near/Far Blur Strength, New Bokeh effects, Blur Edge Samples Scale, and New DOF Regions, etc.    Know More >

Camera Animation & Switcher

Freely manage up to 30 different cameras using the Camera Switch track in the timeline! Perform any scene editing using the Preview Camera, and at the same time utilize the Mini Viewport to track how your changes appear in other custom cameras. You can even use ease-in and out to animate cameras with motion curves, set your focus range to create DOF effects, or alter the lens for a dramatic vertigo effect.    Know More >

Camera Compatibility with Other 3D Software

Directly import camera information including lens settings, sensor size, and animation data from 3D tools to iClone via FBX format, and export baked constraint camera settings from iClone to other 3D tools as well.   

camera animation - import camera information from 3D tools

Importing a Camera from 3D Tools

camera animation - export camera settings with perfect frame alignment

Exporting Camera with Perfect Frame Alignment

iClone is aligned with other 3D animation tools such like blender, cinema 4d, unreal, unity, maya, 3ds max