Intensify scene quality with PBR (Physically-based Rendering) dynamic material content and VXGI Global Illumination that turns a normal 3D scene into a photo-realistic world with Image-based Lighting. Capture and bake 360-degree HDR IBL maps right on the spot from your very own 3D scenes and use them to light the entire stage.

New in v7.7  

Digital Human Shader

Reallusion Digital Human Shader for Skin, Eyes, Teeth, and Hair along with SSS (Sub-surface Scattering) and Micro Normal technology create believably true-to-life digital humans. Enjoy fast and quality real-time render results for still art design or live animation performance.    Know More >

digital human shader - skin sss & micro normal digital human shader - eyes & theet digital human shader - hair
New in v7.8  

SSS Shader for Props & Accessories

Props, accessories, and non-standard characters (Daz) are able to have SSS shader in CC 3.3 and iClone 7.8. With the SSS shader, users are able to create translucent material effects, and a built-in SSS material library.

SSS shader for props
SSS shader for props
SSS shader for props
SSS shader for props
SSS shader for props
SSS shader for props

Physically-based Rendering (PBR)

iClone 7 introduces PBR as the new real-time renderer for iClone users. Not only does it deliver amazingly realistic visuals, but it also serves as the new material content standard that helps to maintain a consistent look between iClone 7, 3D game engines, and popular PBR design applications like Substance Painter.    Know More >

physically-based rendering based on physical interaction between light and materials

PBR Rendering Based on Real Physical Interaction Between Light and Material

physically-based rendering visuals among real-time engines

Industry-standard PBR Visuals Among Real-time Engines

Global Illumination (GI)

Utilizing NVIDIA’s leading real-time VXGI (Voxel Cone Tracing technology), iClone 7 greatly enhances visual realism by integrating secondary light reflections over diffuse and specular surfaces. Users can quickly and easily level-up their existing projects to achieve superbly fine video renders in a fraction of the time, even when using slower GPU systems. Once you start using Global Illumination, you will wonder how you ever did without it!    Know More >

global illumination in 3D scene - medival and anicient rome front porch global illumination in 3D scene - medival and anicient rome square global illumination in 3D scene - medival and anicient rome global illumination in 3D scene - kitchen table global illumination in 3D scene - living room global illumination in 3D scene - sofa

Emissive Materials & Particles as Light Sources

Emissive materials are the secret elixir of professional lighting. While they previously could only be achieved through an offline renderer, iClone 7 destroys that barrier by allowing you to use glow maps, particles, dynamic images and video as light sources… all in real-time! You have to see it to believe it!

image as light source

Image as Light Source

video as light source

Video as Light Source

particle as light source

Particle as Light Source

glow map as light source

Glow Map as Light Source

Visual Effects (VFX)

The Toon Shader helps you easily give a 2D cartoon look to 3D graphics by using cell shading. With Post FX, you can render and create key-able visual effects like color toning, lens blur, sketch, or black & white. Build enhanced and unique atmospheres with advanced lighting effects such as HDR, IBL, and AO. Produce amazing real-time particle effects with preset libraries and emitter controls for smoke, fire, and explosions.    Know More >

visual effects in 3d scene - war, medieval - txon
visual effects in 3d scene - street, european, england - tom jantol
visual effects in 3d scene - china street, house


In order to harness the ever-increasing visual potential of rapidly growing real-time GPU technologies, the iClone team has re-engineered iClone 7’s render core, aiming to make it compatible with industry-standard shader languages. By utilizing this new Custom Shader architecture, iClone 7 has enriched its rendering capabilities with LUT color grading, shadow matte to turn any mesh to a shadow capture for professional compositing, and HBAO+ for increased sharpness and more precise AO range control.    Know More >

Instant 3D Compositing

Place 3D props in a HDRi lighted environment, turn on the default shadow capture plane, and get a photo-realistic 3D composite effect, even with just one directional light.

LUT - Professional Color Grading

The LUT (Color Lookup Table) is an industry standard color grading technique that alters the mood of a scene. Achieve different film looks or stylized effects.

Capture Shadows with Dummy Props

The Shadow Dummy option gives users the power to seamlessly composite 3D objects to any image or video background.


HBAO+ is an AAA game quality Ambient Occlusion technology introduced by NVIDIA, and it's also a technique used in film production to approximate the effect of environment lighting. HBAO+ precisely controls the AO range, sharpness and blend level, and precisely accentuates small surface details adding soft shadows