Enliven 3D Scenes and Metaverse with Animated Characters
Omniverse Real-time RTX Ray Trace Render and Collaboration

The iClone (IC) Omniverse Connector adds the power of a full 3D animation system with characters, motions and unlimited creative variations to NVIDIA Omniverse. Professionals of any skill level can leverage the tools to animate characters with efficiency and without the need to outsource animation production due to cost or human resource challenges. Enable rapid character creation, choose animations from a vast library of motion capture, or blend and edit custom motion with iClone. For Reallusion iClone and CC users, Omniverse is an incredible addition allowing live coordination with other 3D tools, or with other workstations via USD* data interchange standard.
*USD stands for Pixar's Universal Scene Description

Omniverse animation with iClone technology - crerate cartoon animation and commercial animation Omniverse animation with iClone technology - crerate cartoon animation and commercial animation
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Character   ‧   Animation   ‧   Light   ‧   Camera   ‧   Prop

Either producing functional crowd sim or cinematic storytelling, iClone gives the power to enliven your scene with rich character assets, and provides the tools to let you animate freely. You can send the whole iClone project to Omniverse in one click, or selectively update a specific item in an iterative design process. Have your work path-trace rendered with elevated visuals in Omniverse, near real-time.

Full Character Performance with Easy Facial and Body Controls

Master Body Performances

  • FK/IK Motion Layer editing.
  • Smooth Motion Blending from mocap clip libraries.
  • Body mocap and Interactive gesture control.

Create Facial Animation

  • Generate accurate lip-sync animation from voice or text.
  • Mouse-driven Facial Puppet and muscle-based Face Key Edit.
  • Blend natural expressions from facial mocap.
  • Advanced digital human material adjustment - eyes, skin, hair, teeth.

Multi-Language, AI Driven Voice to Animation

  • Simplified process to export CC3+ and Game base characters to NVIDIA Omniverse Audio2Face, with character presets for automatic head mesh wrap.
  • Generate expressive point cache lip-sync animations from multi-language voices, with optional facial styles and adjustable strength levels.
  • Bake point cache animation to iClone facial blendshapes , and load facial animation back to iClone.

Photorealistic Lighting and Real-time Post Effects

  • Automatically transfer iClone lights and properties - IBL, directional light, spotlight, point light, light shapes, and emissive materials.
  • Omniverse path-traced global illumination, with natural light bounce, accurate shadow, and scalable light shapes.
  • Omniverse Sun Study- simulate the time of a day.
  • Omniverse Post Processings: Auto Exposure, Tone Mapping, Color Grading, Chromatic Aberration, Motion Blur, FFT Bloom, Noise & Grain, Reshade, etc.

Give Believable Look to Any Object

  • Auto-convert iClone PBR materials, SSS and Digital Human shaders to Omniverse MDL materials.
  • Access to additional Omniverse drag-and-drop capable material libraries for simulating water, glass, hair, clearcoat, etc.   Learn More >

Directing Cinematic Cameras - DOF, Motion Blur

  • Automatically transfer iClone cameras, properties and DOF settings.
  • iClone export option - bake iClone Camera Switch into one animated Omniverse light.
  • Adjustable Omniverse camera properties emulating real world cameras - Focal Length/Distance, fStop, Aperture, Shutter, etc.

Massive Assets - Characters, Motions, and Props

  • ActorCore - quick search, view and download photorealistic 3D people for AEC crowd simulation, access to thousands of AAA quality, well themed mocap motions.
  • Content Store - Get premium quality digital humans, stylized characters for game and film production, with a big collection of professionally crafted outfit, hairstyles, and accessories for style setting.


Realtime Animation Preview   ‧   Two-Way Workflow

iClone Omniverse Live Sync harnesses the full productivity of iClone's rapid animation capabilities for characters, props, lights, and cameras. Designers can now preview Omniverse renders in real-time while animating in iClone, enabling them to enjoy seamless two-way USD data transfer for sleek collaborative design.

Realtime Preview & Full-Frame Transfer

Motion Editing & Preview

  • Simultaneous real-time live preview for animation editing of the face and body.
  • Animate by applying iClone’s premade motions or use the handy editing tools.
  • Character or object interaction are made simple with Reach Target constraints. 

Full-Frame Animation Transfer

  • Happy with your animation? Selectively send animations to their respective objects when you are ready.
  • Supports bone and morph animations for 3D characters.
  • Animate transformations for props, lights, and cameras.

Intuitive Two-Way Production Workflow

  • Selectively import Omniverse scene data/props as references for iClone character alignment or object interaction.
  • Two-way light creation and property control.
  • Synchronize camera shots and switches in iClone for Omniverse cinematography.

Flexible Transfer & Management

  • Dedicated Panel: Streamlined multi-select transfer and unlinking.
  • Toolbar shortcut & Viewport selection: Selectively transfer content from the viewport without UI obstruction.
  • Toolbar shortcut & Scene Manager: Organized modular view and grouping management for transfer.

Textureless Live Sync for Optimal Performance

  • Reallusion's proprietary Progressive/Deferred Texture Loading technology can Live Sync animations from iClone without taxing system resources.
  • Keeping the scene textureless in iClone frees up graphics memory that can be dedicated to rendering in Omniverse.

Automate Character Movement with iClone Motion Director

  • Use Motion Director “Play2Animate” game-play controls to drive characters.
  • Apply motion triggers and dynamic cameras to direct Omniverse scenes in realtime.
  • Navigate your characters with mouse clicks, hotkeys, or game controllers.


The primary objective of iClone-Omniverse Live Sync is to leverage iClone's robust capabilities to rapidly animate 3D characters, props, lights, and cameras, while ensuring synchronous rendering within the Omniverse environment. Additionally, the feature facilitates seamless collaboration with the Omniverse ecosystem.

Bidirectional Sync
Unidirectional Sync
Transfer Only
Object Types / Sync Direction Live Sync & Data Transfer
Light Move / Rotate
Camera Move / Rotate
Character Move / Rotate
Props Move / Rotate


- The USD (Universal Scene Description) format is used to import unrigged static meshes into iClone.

- For detailed parameter mapping, please refer to the manual.


Real-time Animation Film Production

NVIDIA Omniverse™ is an open platform built for virtual collaboration and real-time photorealistic simulation. Connect different USD compatible applications and interact in the same Omniverse render viewport, or virtually collaborate across the world without boundaries.

New to iClone
iClone and Omniverse - Commercial animation

Get the tools to create fast, Omniverse-ready animations. Download a full evaluation trial of iClone to design and export in a complete 3D animation system, with ease.

For iClone Users

Get started with NVIDIA Omniverse by downloading the Launcher and iClone Omniverse Connector. Use the Omniverse Exporter from iClone to export and transfer animated characters, lights, cameras, and props as USD to Omniverse.

For creating animated digital humans for Omniverse, please visit Character Creator Omniverse Connector.
Omniverse animation - create cartoon animation Omniverse animation - create cartoon animation