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3D characters animation play the crucial role of leading us through stories, interactions in games, CG movies and interactive, real-time environments. A high degree of character modeling and rigging skills is necessary, design of custom scripted controls and animating the character from head to toe is a time-consuming challenge that leaves most 3D tool users without the option to incorporate 3D characters into projects within a short amount of time.


iClone 3D Character Animation Pipeline now includes the first universal facial control system for any 3D character. Once requiring a team of animators and weeks of work to bring characters to life, animation pros are now able to accomplish their goals in a matter of days and with minimal production staff by using the iClone 3D Character Animation Pipeline.

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If you are already an iClone and 3DXchange user, then please see how the new 3DXchange pipeline can help you, or watch the 3D character animation pipeline tutorials to learn more.

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