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Find lots of interesting interview stories from artists and studios that use iClone and CrazyTalk in different areas like moviemaking, commercial, business, education, corporate training, governement, content development and more.
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Kevin Seid

Self-taught Computer Artist & Hobbyist

I got into art as a child, but I was not very good at any art in general. Until one day, when I discovered computer graphics and 3D animation - that changed everything for me. I dabbled for some years and got better over time. Today I love to create with any software I can get my hands on. I eventually discovered iClone and fell in love with it.

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "iClone really help me cut down on huge amounts of time as it has great features for the price. Again it was a must have for me. 3D modeling is fun, but it can be vary time consuming and I really wanted to just start animating. iClone gave me that.."

Sterling Youngman

Award-winning Producer & Animator

Sterling Youngman is an award-winning Film and TV producer, living in Los Angeles, CA. Over his career, he has produced music videos, commercials, live events, documentaries, television and feature-films

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "I have tried several other avatar creation programs, and they all fall short compared to the iClone Pipeline. Character Creator offers more versatility than anything I have used and the number of options to tweak a character's mesh and skin feels endless. "

Athos Rojas

3D Graphics & Animation Enthusiast

Athos Rojas has been a 3D graphics and animation enthusiast for about 20 years. In the past, he worked with the largest Brazilian TV Network for 3 years. In 2000, he started his own career by opening his own video production company - Emotion Produtora.

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "The possibility of using the character Genesis bases was key to really making iClone my final choice. 3DXchange really brought an advantage of simplifying the character rigging process from 3ds Max, allowing me to perfectly do work within iClone and making me fall in love with the software."

Johnny Gibson

AniMedia Solutions for Music, Media Publishing & more

Lawsuit Pending Records was founded in Australia 1981, primarily in and around the music industry product development services. Graphic design, sign writing and video editing were added in 1990 and while still a record label we found ourselves working for commercial enterprise, government and local councils providing custom signs, logo's, tourist information and highway road/traffic signs.

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "I feel there are two things that really stand out with the iClone platform; the first is the feature set vs. dollar value and relative ease of use. It is affordable to the majority. The second is the fact that it does not lock you in with the content."

Alvin Snerling

Winner of the iClone Game Character Animation Contest

I have been using iClone for about a year and a few months now. I also use MotionBuilder and sometimes Blender to make animations effects. I refer to myself more as a Machinima artist than an animator.

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "The advantages of using IClone is the pipeline to let me work with other software to produce animations. IClone is fast and easy to learn, and there is a lot of material out there to get you started. Material on YouTube and on the forum boards."

Tom Jantol

Director , Cinematographer , Producer , Machinima Messenger

I graduated as a film and television director. After that I was spending my life waiting for a tool that would give me the luxury of avoiding the work with living creatures, and let me become a one-man film making crew. Then came a real-time animation software and my waiting days came to an end.

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "I look around for a tool that offers me the same benefits as game engines do. About that time, I heard of the earliest version of iClone. After giving it a try, I was sure that in one iteration or two, it will be the ideal tool for me. And it turned out to be perfect. "


Science Fiction Movie Director

My name is Steve and in animation I go by the alias "Estib Vhen". I work as a webmaster for various websites and I'm currently located here in the Philippines. I spend my free time writing stories, doing animations & voice overs for my cartoons.

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: " I use CTA2 for all the 2D animations, iClone for all 3D animations, Photoshop for picture editing, Adobe Flash for vector imaging & Adobe Premiere for video editing. "

Andre Peisker

Science Fiction Movie Director

"Endless Space" is a iClone film that has been evolving in my head for a long time. It is about a species that are on the very cusp of extinction, they are...'The Ariv'. They were a feared race because of there unique skills, and therefore hunted relentlessly throughout time. The time of peace is over and The Ariv's skills are needed to save the galaxy.

Category:Featured Director

- On iClone: " I buy my 3D models on different online plateforms, but mainly at DAZ. I need a long time to put the single scenes together. iClone saves me a lot of time, especially with rendering, when compaired to other 3D programs. "

Joseph Kwong

Machinima Champion & iClone Fan

I have always been interested in story-telling since as far back as I can remember. I pursued this passion in college and graduated with a creative writing bachelor's degree. However, I always preferred the audio-visual mediums as the most effective means of conveying a tale. When I learned of machinima computer animation software I jumped at the opportunity to bring my visions to the screen.

Category:Featured Director

- On iClone: " With iClone, I realized I could film any motion I wished. I even purchased a Kinect camera with Reallusion's Motion Capture software and nowI am able to make my own animations simply by capturing myself performing them on the Kinect camera. "

M. D. McCallum

Ingenious iClone Player

I would describe myself as a technophile and a fan of CG anymation and machinima. Especially small team or individual projects. Born and raised in the sparsely populated Texas Panhandle I turned to computers to pass the time and from there went on to do freelance work in many fields......

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "I became frustated with the storyboard programs at the time and found iClone through a web search. Not sure how I found it but I'm sure glad I did. Within minutes of downloading the program it paid for itself. "

Jason J. Brown

A Creative Designer with iClone & Mocap

JasonJ is a digital media specialist working out of Toronto Canada. He produces web videos for business folks and community organizations. He has created many cool and new ways to animate with iClone and Kinect.

Category:Featured Director

- On iClone: "As everyone knows now, Reallusion did include the Kinect mocap into iClone, and in my opinion it has totally changed iClone forever. "

Big Chief Entertainment

Professional Movie Making with iClone

Big Chief Entertainment, LLC is a fully integrated production company specializing in music, video, film, animated films and special live event production.

Category:Featured Studio

- On iClone: "The benefits of iClone are that it is very cost effective and it is a user-friendly application, which puts it light years ahead of the competition, in my honest opinion."

VegaH Studios

Utilize iClone for a Wide Spectrum of Projects

VegaH Studios is a digital animation service provider which renders services for 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Previsualization, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics; both in the U.S. and India.

Category:Featured Studio

- On iClone: " Reallusion products are among our inventory tools which support us in developing content for feature film pre-visualizations, TV and web media.... "

Rodney Koh

Video Production Studio Delivering 3D Projects using iClone in Singapore

Bamboo Pictures is a Singapore-based, two man company producing corporate videos for MNCs, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Category:Featured Studio

- On iClone: "Before iClone, we would shy from doing 3D animation simply due to the lead time required. Today, we are confident of delivering 3D projects on time with iClone's menu-driven pre-programmed animation."

Small Wonder Studio

Beautiful iClone Productions by Award-Winning Director

Small Wonder Studio was formed in 1973. Since then we have been producing, directing, and shooting original productions, music videos, TV commercials and documentaries. Working in film & video Small Wonder Studio is ready to tackle any production assignment. In recent years 3-D computer animation......

Category:Featured Studio

- On iClone: "I think it has great possibilities as the program grows. The speed of rendering is a huge plus and being able to add objects from other applications helps a great deal."

L4 Kreation

The Best iClone TV Program of the World

At L4 Kreation we produce media content for various customers, such as Bundesministerium für Gesundheit (ministry of Health), ZDF (TV Station), Universal Music and for our parent company L4 institute......

Category:Featured Studio

- On iClone: " When we were planning "Mo and Ma", iClone was the only product to produce commercial machinima movies, a lot of content you could purchase for small amount of money... "

Miron Lockett

The Best iClone's Tribute Video to Famous Movie

My name is Miron Lockette (aka Teviniii in the forum). I'm an actor, singer and songwriter, so the elements of theatre come naturally to me. Transferring those skills to animation is something that I never dreamed of doing but I am having the time of my life......

Category:Featured Director

- On iClone: " I began using iClone about a year and a half ago. At the time, I had just started experimenting with a very primitive form of 2D animation that proved to be too tedious.... "

Chris Murray

Autodesk Certified 3ds Max Training Specialist & Author of the iClone developer guides and videos

Chris Murray is seasoned production veteran. He has created content for well-known clients such as, Walt Disney Attractions, CanonUSA, and Sega. He is the founder of CME Gamelabs, a startup video game development studio in Orlando. He has also provided customized training for Boeing, United Space Alliance (NASA), Lockheed Martin, Disney Imagineering, and Westinghouse......

Category:Featured Community

- On iClone: " After working with iClone product for several months now, I have discovered that the Reallusion team has created a well-polished, easy to use product that is really going to satisfy the need for rapid development of 3D character driven content. - Author of iClone training for Autodesk's 3D Studio Max "

John Holland

Experience in iClone

John Holland is an iClone inspired power user. He is now an Savannah College of Art and Design student, iClone gives him the motive of wanting to go on farthur education study. With the passion of creating Hikaru Utada, an Japanese Singer, John has created many animation videos of her. Animation shorts include "Heart Station" and "Celerbrate"

Category:Featured Director

- On iClone: " What I love about CloneCloth is that if you want, you can create ultra realistic outfits spending a lot of time getting a perfect texture ... "

Michael Wu

Behind the Scene - The Aliens in the Incubator

His Works in Reallusion Store: The series of Sketch, Cool Dog, Hussan, EMC2, and etc. - About Michael Wu: Michael Wu (MW_studio) is a digital visual artist in 3D filed that touches his audiences with original creativity and daring styles. When it comes to 3D animation, the most exciting benefit for Michael is "Recycle". Compared to 2D animation, a complete 3D model can be processed for all purposes as he wished......

Category:Featured Artist

- On iClone: " 3D animation would be the best tour for me to run after my dream. All I know is there is no specific tool can fulfill my desire for creation. I love to try anything fresh and get the achievement finding their attributes. iClone will be one of my another adventure. "

Darren J. Thompson

Mellor Media Productions

Darren is an imaginative artist in animation field that he was inspired by many cartoons like "Tom & Jerry", "Bugs Bunny", "Daffy Duck", and etc. He aims to utilize Reallusion's iClone to deliver a "Vocational Qualification" in Machinima production to students. As a certified content developer, Darren introduced himself with his texture works in Reallusion content store......

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "I'd been working on a few animation projects with another of their products named It's Me (the forerunner of iClone). This programme was cool, easy and really, really cheap.... "


The Most Productive iClone Movie Directors

My interests were always video and photography. For iClone I dedicate about 6 hours a day. Each day I’m surprised with something new. I try to combine it with other special effect programs to get all the potential I can get.

Category:Featured Director

- On iClone: "I had small experience with 3Dstudio, but its learning curve was very steep, moreover, with the computers of that time, it was almost impossible to make a small render… until iClone appeared."

Tom Weston

Visualize a Writer's Story Ideas in his Novel using iClone

Tom got iClone in the first place was because he had a script for a ghost story, which he thought would make for a nice little animated film and we took a look at everything which was on the market back then to see if a film could be made without a budget or army of animators

Category:Featured Artist

- On iClone: " iClone was the only one that came close for a neophyte such as me. We didn't make the film, but I did use iClone to make a short test animation of the film's ending."

Richard Clifton

Autodesk Certified 3ds Max Training Specialist & Author of the iClone developer guides and videos

I have BETA tested quite a few packages related to 3D animation but always come back to iClone as the backbone package. The interface is a lot simpler and the program is easier to use and with better results than some others I have tested......

Category:Featured Artist

- On iClone: " It allows me to express a bit of my creativity. I look for ways to make others have a better outcome by creating products to support their efforts. Sometimes a hit, sometimes not, but at least I gave it a shot. "

Neil Armstrong

When his talent of art meets iClone......

I started out at a very early age in 1978 as a commercial Photographer. Old Nikkormats that weighed half a ton and dish processed BW prints made the cornerstone of my career thereafter which progressed into Industrial and Specialised Glamour/Portraiture Sepia large format photography like to Ansel Adams.....

Category:Featured Artist

- On iClone: "I hate being the last to do things. I love being the first. I love new. And THIS, wierd Reallusion eyecloak, or i-clothes or whatever it was called, I couldnt stop talking about this Reallusion to the client. "THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED!" ..."

Gabe Achanzar

Aknzrdude of "Rebel in Action"

Aknzrdude, has been an active user on Reallusion forum since 2005. He has created several excellent texture packs and you can get them at Reallusion ( You can also watch more of his brilliant movies using iClone from YouTube......

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "iClone hit the right nerve, delivering a great combination of ease of use, great quality and best of all a flexible and intuitive tool... "


Developer Spotlight

CoolCreators is a team of iClone power users founded from the CoolClones iClone community forming a collaboration of creativity, and talents, which are collectively utilized in affiliation with the Reallusion certified content developer program......

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: " From the moment I beta tested iClone 1.0, I immediately noticed the potential this product was going to offer. Being a long time user of Reallusion products and seeing the course of stunning improvements, and advancements made with CrazyTalk, I knew the same would undoubtedly occur with iClone. "

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