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Here you can find many interview stories of whom apply iClone/CrazyTalk in different areas like moviemaking, education, or content development.
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Toei Animation

Japanese Film, Television Production Company

Toei Animation Company is a publicly listed company in JASDAQ with its HQ based in Tokyo. Toei Animation produces all kinds of animations while marketing various video productions. It also runs licensing businesses for its copyright productions. Noguchi Koichi is the Associate Department Manager for the Project Development & Production Planning Dept. in Toei Animation.

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- On iClone: " Initially we did use traditional storyboards with sketches to properly visualize our scenes and angles. Now with iClone, I can review the video results together with the Director that is shooting the scene in Realtime. "

Jon Gress

Writer / Producer / Director and Visual Effects Producer

With over 25 years of digital & visual special effects, film, video, audio, and multimedia production experience, writer/producer/director and visual effects producer Jon Gress is one of the new breed of independent filmmakers who can write, shoot, direct, edit, and produce Hollywood sized digital & visual special effects.

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- On iClone: "I started playing around with iClone to see if I could use it for some previz work. To my pleasant surprise, it was amazingly intuitive and fast to use! So I was saying to myself - "This is working really well... "

VegaH Studios

Utilize iClone for a Wide Spectrum of Projects

VegaH Studios is a digital animation service provider which renders services for 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Previsualization, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics; both in the U.S. and India.

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- On iClone: " Reallusion products are among our inventory tools which support us in developing content for feature film pre-visualizations, TV and web media. VegaH Studios has gotten very good appraisals from various film directors for our work with iClone. "

Realm Pictures

Pre-viz Movie Production using iClone & Kinect Mocap

Dave and Shaz talk us through Pre-Viz and how they plan to create the UnderWater Realm using iClone and Kinect mocap features.

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- On iClone: "Big thanks to Reallusion for working with us to build the pre-viz workflow with their software iClone 5. More pre-viz productions to come over the next few weeks as we let you in the process as it develops!"

Joseph Kwong

Machinima Champion & iClone Fan

I have always been interested in story-telling since as far back as I can remember. I pursued this passion in college and graduated with a creative writing bachelor's degree. However, I always preferred the audio-visual mediums as the most effective means of conveying a tale. When I learned of machinima computer animation software I jumped at the opportunity to bring my visions to the screen.

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- On iClone: " With iClone, I realized I could film any motion I wished. I even purchased a Kinect camera with Reallusion's Motion Capture software and nowI am able to make my own animations simply by capturing myself performing them on the Kinect camera. "

Big Chief Entertainment

Professional Movie Making with iClone

Big Chief Entertainment, LLC is a fully integrated production company specializing in music, video, film, animated films and special live event production.

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- On iClone: "The benefits of iClone are that it is very cost effective and it is a user-friendly application, which puts it light years ahead of the competition, in my honest opinion."

Binu Sasidharan

The 1st iClone Movie produced to the Theater

Binu Sasidharan, born in Aluva (Kerala State , India) in the year 1976, completed my post graduation from Mahatma Gandhi university, in Commerce. As a Kid I was always a fascinated by comics and Disney cartoons......

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- On iClone: " Our previous project was created using Toon Boom Studio, which was a 2D animated.When we started thinking of going for a 3D animated feature to be created within a short period, we did some research for the best software available in a decent budget, which led us to iClone. "

Myles Sorensen

iClone Feature Film Production

Writer/Director Myles Sorensen holds an MFA from the USC School of Cinema- Television, where his thesis film, THE ARSONIST, premiered at the Venice Film Festival. PLATO'S REALITY MACHINE is his first feature film.

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- On iClone: "That led me to iClone and I immediately saw it would be the perfect tool to create the kind of animation I needed. iClone just has a huge amount of sets and characters and overall ability to customize, so I thought it would be great fit."

ITAK Studio

Family-based Studio with Professional 2D&3D Productions

It would be much more difficult to answer the question about where I get the patience to complete the technical part of the project. And that’s exactly where user-friendly CrazyTalk Animator and iClone come into a play and help me finish this difficult task.

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- On iClone: "I tried many different programs until I met iClone and I realized that was exactly what I was looking for a long time. Sometimes it felt like it was me who developed it."

10 items in 1 page DATA Pages
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