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Featured Studio - Small Wonder Studio

Mark Pleasant

Mark Pleasant, owner of Small Wonder Studio. Started in 1973 doing film/video production. Music videos, documentary films and corporate productions. Added graphic production and animation services around 1989.


Small Wonder Studio was formed in 1973. Since then we have been producing, directing, and shooting original productions, music videos, TV commercials and documentaries. Working in film & video Small Wonder Studio is ready to tackle any production assignment. In recent years 3-D computer animation and graphics have been added to Small Wonder's capabilities. In 1996 Small Wonder's Mark Pleasant received a regional EMMY award for his design and direction of a series of animated TV spots for Viacom Inc. Small Wonder rents 16mm film, DV video and audio gear as well.




Beautiful iClone Productions by Award-Winning Director

Q: How do you know iClone? What about iClone first interested you?

I found out about iClone as I visited various graphic and animation sites on the web. The ease of use and the speed of rendering is what intrigued me.


Q: What do you usually use iClone for (create which kind of video)?

I have just started incorporating iClone in small film projects. I have been doing films with kids at church since 1997, making films based on Bible stories. iClone has sped up the animation process quite a bit. I like to create backgrounds in iClone and key in the actors for various shots.

Q: Do you produce these projects by yourself or is it team work?

With our kid films (YouTube search jamfilmsvideos) we have a producer, a couple of writers and crew members, and I shoot, edit, and create the graphics and animation. Most editing is done in SONY Vegas Pro. I have used Lightwave 3D, VUE, Poser and After Effects on past productions.

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Q: What do you think about the "iClone Virtual Newsroom Solution"?

I think it has great possibilities as the program grows. The speed of rendering is a huge plus and being able to add objects from other applications helps a great deal.


For more information about Mark and Small Wonder Studio, please visit these websites:



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