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Featured Director - Norte43


My interests were always video and photography. I found computing 25 years ago. Since then Photoshop and video editing programs are a daily part of my life. I later had experience with 3D applications. One small experience was with 3Dstudio, but its learning curve was very steep, moreover, with the computers of that time, it was almost impossible to make a small render… until iClone appeared.


The Most Productive iClone Movie Directors

Q: You are one of the most productive iClone movie directors in the community. Please share with us what your production flow is, and what is the average work-time you spend on each iClone movie?

For iClone I dedicate about 6 hours a day. Each day I'm surprised with something new. I try to combine it with other special effect programs to get all the potential I can get. Each production is different. I can spend up to 4 hours simply preparing a 4 second shot, but most of the time my work with iClone is very fluid.

Q: Why did you choose iClone for your production? And what are your comments on your experience with iClone?

I chose iClone because of its ease of use, the relationship in quality - price, and the quality of its finishes, it allows me to work in real-time, and also thanks to the content developers I have a program that fills me with satisfaction, as a hobby, it is almost perfect.

Q: There are tons of styles in your iClone movie productions. How did you come out with ideas and inspiration for your iClone movies?

When I open iClone, I never have a preconceived idea of what I'm going to do. It all emerges as I'm including characters in a scene. It is a challenge between me and the computer.

Norte43's YouTube Channel:


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