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Here you can find many interview stories from users who use iClone and CrazyTalk in different areas like; moviemaking, education, corporate training, content development and more.
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Richard Chalmers

Perfecting your British English, one animation at a Time

I'm Richard and I am the creator of Linguaspectrum, and Linguaspectrum PLUS, my virtual language schools. I am a native British English speaking teacher of English as a foreign language. I have lived in Seville, Spain since 2003.

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "Even with my limited talents, I no longer have to rely on finding just the right image, because I can create any image and scene I need in iClone. With the recent release of Character Creator, I am now able to create any character I need to fit any imaginable situation that I want to use to teach English."

Jason Marian

Award-winning Instructional Design & Training

Jason Marian has managed the development of award-winning instructional design and training materials since 2000, developing virtual world scenario-based trainings, advanced gaming-based lessons, and engaging online courses that drive measurable business results.

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "I started using iClone about 2 years ago because of its flexibility, ability to integrate components from other software applications, and its amazing ease of use."

Jon Gress

Writer / Producer / Director and Visual Effects Producer

With over 25 years of digital & visual special effects, film, video, audio, and multimedia production experience, writer/producer/director and visual effects producer Jon Gress is one of the new breed of independent filmmakers who can write, shoot, direct, edit, and produce Hollywood sized digital & visual special effects.

Category:Featured Director

- On iClone: "I started playing around with iClone to see if I could use it for some previz work. To my pleasant surprise, it was amazingly intuitive and fast to use! So I was saying to myself - "This is working really well... "

The UK's National Film and Television School

Making Meaningful Games: High Production Values, Short Timescales.

The UK's National Film and Television School is one of the top film schools in the world. It provides a range of complementary 2 year postgraduate programmes in high level film-making and television production disciplines, including fiction directing, producing, editing, cinematography, production design, sound design, composing, screenwriting, animation, documentary, TV entertainment, digital effects, and games design and development.

Category:Featured School

- On iClone: "iClone has enabled our students to create lifelike human character animation which can be deployed into their game compositions without the need for modeling and animating from scratch."

The Zurvan Club

Discover a New Kind of Graphic Novel with iClone

My name is Adolf Navarro. Two and a half years ago I decided to start a new project creating a big Graphic Novel saga called "The Zurvan Club" so I started looking for software that could help me materialize my ideas when I stumbled upon iClone.

Category:Featured Artists

- On iClone: "iClone balances perfectly between price, quality and productivity. I discovered that it provided me with much more than I originally expected, and at this point it has become the backbone of my projects."

Anto Dezigns

The Most Environmentally Conscious iClone Artist

Anthony Mwangi is an artist from Anto Dezigns. Anthony has done work on drawings, paintings and acrylics on canvases, and eventually delved into the world of 2D/3D graphics and computer animations.

Category:Featured Studio

- On iClone: "iClone has provided us with the benefit of fast and easy animations which we often use in character narrations, as we simply need to create our characters and then use audio voice files to make facial animations."

10 items in 1 page DATA Pages
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