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Here you can find many interview stories of whom apply iClone/CrazyTalk in different areas like moviemaking, education, or content development.
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Tarampa Studios

Fledgling Feature Films & Toon Wrangling

Bleetie is my main company name, and my nickname since I was a little kid, due to the flock of sheep my parents had. Nowadays I have my own flock of sheep, which also helps to explain one of the reasons that my logo for Tarampa Studios is a golden fleeced ram.

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: " Reallusion made it possible to edit all the animated characters with live actors on a budget that makes it cheaper than feeding a cast and crew on set. So the choice was a no-brainer."

Studio ToKoMotion

3D Visualization, Animation, Character Design

Tobias Kolodziey started Studio ToKoMotion in 2011 to develop and produce my own ideas. Since then I also had the opportunity to work with clients on some small but interesting projects, especially in the field of edutainment. I really love to work with iClone as it perfectly fits into my production pipeline and it is a great companion to Unity.

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: " Then the first promos for Character Creator (CC) were released and I was overwhelmed! Great looking Real-time ready characters, and the power of slider based adjustments nearly integrated into iClone was a dream came true"

Wolf & Dulci

Reviewer of Inside the Box: A Show on iClone Content Review

Wolf & Dulci, the first reviewers to the "Inside the Box" content review show."Inside the Box" is a new video segment on our weekly show. It is basically a video breakdown of various iClone content and developers, starting specifically with major content packs released within Reallusion content store.

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: " About 3 years ago, I came across Reallusion's iclone software through the fansite and have been hooked on animation ever since. I really enjoy digging deeply into the software to get to the nuts and bolts of its capability.... "


Top Developer of Game Assets

Dexsoft is a web store specializing in game assets. Dexsoft has developed over the years into one of the biggest web stores for indie gamers, with over 10,000 satisfied customers.

Category:Featured Studio

- On iClone: "iClone is pretty easy to learn and use. Although I don't have much experience with it yet, I can see how it can fit quite well into a game development pipeline. I hope that Dexsoft content will be a great addition to the iClone content library!"

Quantum Theory Entertainment

AAA-Quality Art Content Developer

QTE is a game content development company I started in February of 2012. The short to medium term goal is to arm the independent developer with AAA-quality art content which has been created with the knowledge of 10+ years in the console game industry.

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "iClone can be very useful as a tool for roughing to producing in-game cutscenes and exporting that data to Unity. Projects that need alot of cutscenes but need the ability to iterate fast will benefit greatly from what iClone has to offer. "

M. D. McCallum

Ingenious iClone Player

I would describe myself as a technophile and a fan of CG anymation and machinima. Especially small team or individual projects. Born and raised in the sparsely populated Texas Panhandle I turned to computers to pass the time and from there went on to do freelance work in many fields......

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "I became frustated with the storyboard programs at the time and found iClone through a web search. Not sure how I found it but I'm sure glad I did. Within minutes of downloading the program it paid for itself. "


Professional Movie Making with iClone

Vit3D is a designer in advertising (both 2D and 3D) and it is not connected with the creation of characters. However, he is an expert on developing photo realistic characters on Marketplace.

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "For game developers iClone can significantly speed-up character and creatures testing process because it has all necessary features."

Cypher Wolf

Anime Character Designer for iClone

There are a few different methods I am experimenting with anime character design for iClone. And I hope in the future I can create better anime characters.

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: " Other software was time consuming and had quite a huge learning curve. To simply put it, iClone brings my vision to life in the most fastest, easy, and fun way possible! "

Linda Hankins

Fashion CloneCloth Texture Designer for iClone

Behing the avatar. My name is Linda Hankins and I have been fascinated with animation from my childhood, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine the likes of iClone and Crazy Talk that would help me realise my dreams.

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "As iClone has evolved so has its users, I think now it has been taken more seriously by professionals as a useful piece of software to use in their workflow."

3D Universe

The Awesome Cartoon Content Developer for iClone

3D Universe has been in operation since 2001. We specialise in creating custom 3D Digital figures for various markets and clients worldwide.

Category:Featured Studio

- On iClone: "What I really love about programs like iClone is that they simplify the complex tools used by big 3D animation companies and bring them into reach of anyone with an interest in the area."

Wil Veeke

Top Selling iClone Content Developer

I am Wil Veeke, 51 years old, born in the Netherlands in a little town called Oisterwijk.I am an electric engineer and work as a manager for one of the biggest Power Company in Holland......

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "This program dragged me into a whole new world! I was amazed by its possibilities. In a few hours, I made a whole music clip with my me, my wife and children as actors. I also made a few clips for the company I was working with."


Helping to Push the Limit on Character Creation

I am a computer engineer with a master’s degree in Business and Administration (MBA). I work as an executive in an engineering firm specialized in the development of high end audio/video and 3D equipment and authoring tools for......

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: " iClone has been instrumental in allowing me to develop relationships with other CoolCreators and fellow content developers. It has enriched my life. iClone is not just a 3D Movie Machine, iClone is a way of being!"

Mike Aparicio

Developer Spotlight

Mike directs the MediaLab facilities of Galileo University in Guatemala, and teaches Computer Animation, Video Special Effects and Complex Video Montage techniques. Lately Mike Aparicio, under the Apparition brand name is working as a CCD for Reallusion, hand has just release......

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: " Right now I use iClone 3.1 to demonstrate the power of the animation philosophy created by Reallusion, and have produced some interesting musical videos with virtual singing, synthetic music and of course iClone scenery and performers."

Bernard Gasté

Developer Spotlight

Bernad Gaste(aka Bernita) use lots of professional softwares, very different of the 3D world but Photoshop remains the necessary tool of iClone to edit his textures. He uses as well Pinnacle Studio, a video software affordable, enough powerful indeed, usefuly complementary for the video editing with iClone."

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "I have been using iClone since the end of 2007. It is not a long time but it's so easy to use that I got accustomed with it quickly. That was how I avoided a long and boring learning of the 3D programs. "

Althea Dubowec

Costume Development for iClone Love Story

Althea Dubowec is from Oakville, Ontario, Canada. She has been interested in video editing for several years and became interested in animation approximately 3 years ago. She has spent over 25 years in the print production, marketing and graphic arts industries and have recently expanded her business to include video production......

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: " What has always impressed me about Reallusion products is how easy they are to start using immediately. Anyone can load iClone and have their family members dancing within a very short time.... "


Developer Spotlight

Shygirl is originally from Glasgow, Scotland. She took early retirement from her profession as a Government Officer within Education and now living in the countryside with her partner who is also an iClone user. She is a published poet and have also written numerous short stories......

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "With all the Reallusion products I have tried, I think what most impressed me was the ease of use. I’m not very technically minded, so the simpler the better and with iClone in particular.... "

Paul Louis

Cool Town Story

Paul Louis, the author of popular series Cool Town Story, is a certified content developer in Reallusion Inc. In the meanwhile, he is also a marketable creator who is skilled at grabbing the hearts of customers. With his genius in creating live characters, Paul always amazes people by his exclusive imagination......

Category:Featured Developer

- On iClone: "I was born and raised in New York City and trained in the performing arts. I've worked in countless stage productions and even had a brief 15 seconds of fame as an award winning children's show creator..."

James Martin

Developer Spotlight

About James C. Martin: As a character designer and sculpture iCloneâ„¢ provides James with a great solution for both pre and post production. James can move from the physical 3D world into the virtual 3D universe in minutes using iClone......

Category:Featured Community

- On iClone: " Clone is fast, easy, and a great solution for those users who just don't all the hassle of other 3D software, but do want an excellent way to create, animate, and appreciate quality avatars. This helps a lot to quickly set up my blocking, shots, extreme camera angles..."

10 items in 1 page DATA Pages
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