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Hello I'm Eswar, the head of VegaH Studios. I am also the Technical Director - Research & Development. VegaH Studios is a digital animation service provider which renders services for 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Previsualization, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics; both in the U.S. and India.

We have worked with various TV channels in the position of creative development, and also worked for more than 80 films in the position of VFX lead and 3D content development for various MMORPG projects, stereoscopic 3D projects and online 3D virtual worlds. My experiences in TV, Film and web industry have helped me by using the best matching software for quick delivery. Our Research Team stays ahead of the crowd by bringing in the latest technologies, while at the same time supporting the production division when implementing these technologies into the production pipeline, thus making us the first in the market. Reallusion products are among our inventory tools which support us in developing content for feature film pre-visualizations, TV and web media. Our production division has developed more than 30,000 minutes of animation content thanks to Reallusion software. Because of this, VegaH Studios has gotten very good appraisals from various film directors for our work with iClone. With the use of iClone, we can further advance ourselves in building quality-oriented content catered for TV and web media markets.

Utilize iClone for a Wide Spectrum of Projects

Q: Tell us about your studio and how you discovered iClone?

VegaH Studios is into post-production and 3D animation content development activities for satellite television channels and feature films

Basically we started as an R&D team and worked on couple of game engines like Torque, Unity3D, CityEngine, and others. We were inspired by www.secondlife.com, and developed a virtual 3D world application for our client. While doing R&D for the application development, we came across Reallusion's "motion editor" and initially found its features to be more of a funny and hobby-like level than a professional one. But after the launch of iClone 1.0, we found it to be different from the other 3D software and its unique features prompted us to move ahead in the areas of e-learning and pre-visualization. Our continuous efforts and follow-up, on day to day basis, gave us a better understanding of it.

Pre-visualization sample from VegaH Studios

Q: Please share with us your pre-visualization experiences with iClone?

We have done a lot in mentioning the benefits of iClone in the VFX industry. So many people have followed us after seeing our creative implementations of iClone in the movie industry. Usually, technical people talk about 3ds Max and Maya for pre-viz. Even people who initially opposed us, eventually followed us in using iClone for pre-viz. If I am not mistaken, even the big production houses are slowly moving into using iClone for fast delivery of pre-viz works. Up until a year back we started associating ourselves with a few satellite and local channels for news and entertainment related animation projects. We used iClone for VFX pre-viz and succeeded in a big way. We are now working with a top director for his next venture and doing our level best to promote iClone by delivering great work.

Q: Can you tell us how you use iClone?

Some time ago, we created our first TV promo Mahasangramam for a regional channel. We created this video in January of 2009, using iClone 3.0. Looking back, we still feel proud to have produced such a good quality project with the limited features found in iClone back then.

This video got very good recognition from lots of media outlets, and thus the journey continued, creating over 15,000 minutes of animation content with iClone. Recently we worked for a Top Indian movie star - don2, to make movie trailers. We cleverly used iClone for the content development.

We are now working with Studion News channel for content development where we made one of the richest graphic presentations within a short span, which received a tremendous response from the channel. Here is the link to watch some of the videos which were uploaded by the Studion team in their official website.
Studiononline News

Q: What are your expectations for future iClone productions?

After the launch of touchpads and touch screen gadgets, we¡¦ve found tremendous use in the e-learning sector. We are currently in the process of building an interactive university syllabus for a corporate company which is into e-learning. We have also very good relationships with universities in the U.S.A and the U.K. for which we are going to develop content for their academic syllabuses. Although we have not started yet, we are in fact planning to use iClone¡¦s content for the 3D animations areas.

We firmly believe that we've had a significant and progressive role in using iClone software in several commercial sectors like TV, film, pre-visualization, e-learning and interactive content development.

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