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Featured Studio - Rodney Koh (Bamboo Pictures)

Rodney Koh

Rodney Koh (the owner of Bamboo Pictures) is a DOP, video editor and post-producer for the past 12 years.

Bamboo Pictures is a Singapore-based, two man company producing corporate videos for MNCs, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

We specialize in cost effective videos for product launches, internal and external corporate communications, podcasts and e-learning. I'm involved in all aspect of production from scripting, shooting, animation and editing.




Video Production Studio Delivering 3D Projects using iClone in Singapore

Q: What is your experience in 3D animation? How do you know iClone?

We used to outsource our 3D animation sequences but increasingly we are relying on iClone for virtual studios, re-enactments and humor pieces. We first got to know of iClone through our involvement with Machinima Asia in 2006. It was a machinimist dream come true and we have been experimenting with meshing content from iClone with screen captures from other virtual universe from 3D gameplay or social sites.

Q: What do you use iClone for mainly? What’s the difference from other animation tool?

We use iClone for a variety of purpose. Most of the time, we love to build 3D virtual studios for podcasts with the iClone studio pack. It is very easy to customise the studio with the clients branding, logos and colors and cost us next to nothing! With iClone, we can easily generate matching backdrops for different bluescreen angles, giving our bluescreen production a more polished and dynamic look. We also use iClone to create customised 3D wipes and transitions for specific subject matter. For example, for our military clients, we can create screen wipes with 3D models of tanks and fighter jets from Google 3D warehouse. Google sketchup also allows us to create meshes from the outline of company logos. We add the logo image to the mesh in iClone and animate the 3D logos for use as part of a transition, looping background video or a customised lowerthird element.

But our most profitable outputs from iClone are the 3D short films we script and produce for clients who want a more interesting medium through which to present their annual report. With iClone customisable avatars, clients can have an army of virtual VIPs doing cameos in their video. Some camera-shy CEOs have also requested us to create iClone avatars of themselves for podcasts.

Before iClone, we would shy from doing 3D animation simply due to the lead time required. Today, we are confident of delivering 3D projects on time with iClone's menu-driven pre-programmed animation.

Q: Can you introduce one of your favorite iClone projects and tell us more about how iClone can help your production?

We were tasked by a Norwegian media company to do a series of funny shorts for their D&D. Working with a small budget and tight deadline, we were able to create humorous mock commercials featuring the likeness of royalties and tycoons.

Bamboo Pictures Website: www.bamboopictures.com

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