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Featured Studio - L4 Kreation

Thorsten Strack

My name is Thorsten Strack, I am the head of the L4 Kreation agency and I am in charge of the BRAVE NEW WORLDS studio.
In our productions I work as director and executive producer but also as voice and motion capture character.

L4 Kreation

At L4 Kreation we produce media content for various customers, such as Bundesministerium für Gesundheit (ministry of Health), ZDF (TV Station), Universal Music and for our parent company L4 institute. We offer two different sections of services, on the one hand we have real action productions in every format and on the other hand we have 3D animation in machinima movies.




The Best iClone TV Program of the World

Q: What is "Mo & Ma"? What's the relation between this show and ZDF?

"Mo & Ma - explain the world to you" is a serial of explain-movies, which we are producing for the morning magazine on ZDF. Essentially it is about to explain bulky terms and topics in a humerous and amusing way. We give the texts to the ZDF editors and the realization of the movie is then up to us in cooperation with the editors of the morning magazine. The basic elements of our production pipeline are iClone and our in house motion capture equipment.


Q: How did you get to know iClone? What do you think is the most interesting part at iClone?

I keep myself busy with machinima since 10 years and through CrazyTalk I got to know
iClone quite early, we used CrazyTalk massively for the production of LIFE 4-U, a second life TV magazine. iClone is interesting for me because of several reasons. It is in the meantime a very serious virtual Realtime-production tool with a low access barrier, it is very fast, stable and fits very well to the requirements of movie production. The integration of external data, such as mocap data, some models from our 3D packages or sounds from our sound studio can be realised without any problems.

Q: Why did you choose iClone as tool for a production of a TV programm? What kind of advantages do you see?

When we were planning "Mo and Ma", iClone was the only product to produce commercial machinima movies, a lot of content you could purchase for small amount of money and as I said before, it integrated very easy into our production pipeline. Basically machinima is a very fast production way, this was absolutely necessary for this kind of format because "Mo and Ma" often bear upon daily news. One episode that is averagely 2 minutes we produce in two very long days und since now we always made the deadlines. iClone was the right choice and absolutely stood the test!

Q: How is the team working at "Mo and Ma"? What kind of equipment do you have to produce the animations?

We have 15 members in our team, many of them were trained in our L4 Institut. Basically we have a good mixture of specialists and generalists. To be employed: sound designer, 2D and 3D content producer, iClone operators, motion capture artists and operators, postproduction artist, speakers and one in house editor, who proves the factual accuracy. I am in charge of the production and our cutter Nino Mello Wagner assists me.

In our Brave New World Studios the following equipment is available: 2 independent motion capture studios for body and face animation, one sound studio with recording cabinet, one green screen studio with chamfer, various powerful systems with a central and fast server structure in the backend. Our software equipment is up-to-date, we possess every needed application usual in the market of different producers.

Q: What would you recommend to other studios or production houses, that want to use iClone?

I would recommend our competitors to experiment with machinima solutions and fail.... ;-)

All joking aside, I think iClone is an excellent tool for media productions. Besides machinima movie production you can think about revisualisation in actual movie environment or high-end animations. There are no borders for your own fantasy, the required look and the production terms are the limitations. I would definitely test iClone, it is powerful, very fast, reliable, open and is in constant development. One reason to use iClone, I didn’t mention yet, it is cheap! All the other software tools, that we use cost between 10 to 20 times more per workplace!

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Notice: "Mo and Ma – explain the world to you" is property of ZDF.



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