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Developer Spotlight: Aknzrdude of "Rebel in Action"

I am Gabe, commonly known as ‘aknzrdude’ in the coolclones forums. I reside in Silicon Valley in California, so enjoy nice weather for most of the year. Have 3 kids, oldest son dabbles in video editing; second son is an aspiring rap artist and soccer player, plays for one of the top teams in California; and the youngest daughter is also a soccer player and participated in the regional Olympic development program this past summer. I love sci-fi, techno thrillers and fantasy books, so this is reflected a lot in the stuff that I do.

Artist Profiles

I first got turned on to 3D animation a few years back using Truspace and Poser. Spent much of the time learning the software rather than creating anything. Maybe I created a picture or two here and there. Between my regular job (big PC industry company) and weekend activities, I don’t get to spend much time in this hobby so I tend to avoid software with longer learning curves. I was browsing some forums last December and came across mention of Cyclone (which later became iClone) and became one of the first to buy it (December 2005). In a matter of a couple of hours, I was able to create a video – in this case my first political video called Bush Hates Me – link here

Right now I have to divide my free time between my kids’ soccer games, playing PC games (I play Ghost Recon) and this wonderful hobby of mine - 3D animation and digital art. Happy to day, the amount of time spent on 3D animation has gone up because of iClone.

Inspiration of Works

I am fascinated by sci-fi and samurai movies – so I combined the two themes and imagined a world in the future where corporations were the defacto government, where fascists ruled and in this environment, the corporations outlawed guns, explosives, etc. so only the corporations soldiers have them. This meant that a lot of would be rebels would have to reply on the old ways, and old martial arts to fight back. This inspired the creation of these characters, where one Corp soldier commander (Shintaro) became a rebel leader, to be hunted down by the Sicarii.

Advice for CCD Members

Be free to try things out. One of my favorite tools in creating textures is using dingbats – yes that’s right – go to any font site and download dingbats – and use them for details on the texture. The Sicarii armor for example is made of dingbats, made to look like metal plates. The other word of advice is patience; you may not get it perfect at the first time, but keep trying.
Finally I’d like to encourage your membership and check out www.coolclones.com where I am one of the moderators. This site provides a ton of insights on the inner workings of iClone as well as a community of creative people willing to help you out. My latest video, Tales of Gwaeold, was created with the voice over help of many of the members. Check out Tales of Gwaeold Act 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq-JVANhZyI
Enclosed are some sample art I’ve created with the use of iClone.


My video collection at Youtube can be found at:

And this points to a link with all my videos:


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