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Estib Vhen

My name is Steve and in animation I go by the alias "Estib Vhen".

I work as a webmaster for various websites and I'm currently located here in the Philippines. I spend my free time writing stories, doing animations & voice overs for my cartoons.

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Q: Hello Mr. Estib Vhen! Tell us a bit about your background, your expertise and your skills.

Drawing is my hobby & passion ever since I was a kid. I grew up joining art contests and the sort; unfortunately my career shifted to a different direction away from fine arts. In short, I have no formal education in arts or animation. All my skills in drawing were self-taught through my own experience. I learned how to do flash animations by reading books & watching online tutorial videos.

Q: What is MegaToonTV, when and how did it start? What is your aim with this YouTube channel?

My first YouTube channel started way back in November 2009. My goal back then was to learn flash animation & upload what I learned. Here is a sample video of my very first animation done in Adobe Flash.

I soon realize that people were watching my videos, so I created a new channel called "MegaToon TV". I became a YouTube partner around 2011 and started to create cartoon videos every week.

Q: We can see that you first started making animated videos with CrazyTalk Animator 1, but then switched to version 2. Tell us a little on how you discovered CrazyTalk? Why you chose it? And what other applications you use?

Somewhere along the way I almost stopped doing animations because I became too busy with my work as a web developer / webmaster. Doing animations in Flash is a very tedious task, so I searched for other animation software that could help me speed up production.

I've tried almost all the famous software out there... and that is where I learned about CTA1. The first thing I loved in using CTA1 was that it tremendously helped me save time in doing tedious tasks such as creating walk cycles, lip-syncing and other basic movements. Because of this I was able to continue making cartoon videos every week while working at the same time!

As a YouTube content creator, I collaborated with famous singers to create animated music videos. Here are some samples:

While making these videos, they asked me to rotate the characters in different angles. Unfortunately CTA1 didn't have those features (and there was no CTA2 yet). So I stopped with the collaboration projects and just focused on my weekly videos. A few months later CTA 2 was released, and it still had the same and improved features that I loved in CTA1, plus its ability of doing animations in multiple angles! So there was no second thought, I upgraded to CTA2 and I love everything about it!

Here is my first CTA 2 video:

Now I use CTA2 for all the 2D animations, iClone for all 3D animations, Photoshop for picture editing, Adobe Flash for vector imaging & Adobe Premiere for video editing.

Q:In your video titled - My Pacquiao Bradley Reaction, you make interesting use of CrazyTalk with video compositing. How long does it take you to make a video like this, and what is the process like?

This video took me about 2 days to make (on and off while working). I first started visualizing how the animation would go then I recorded footage of me talking while I pretended to interact with a cartoon character. Then I imported the video into CTA1 and did all the animations there! It's a fairly easy and enjoyable project. I believe anyone can do it and would enjoy doing it.

Q: We see that in your main YouTube banner you used iClone's Jimmy Toon to make several awesome looking characters. Can your fans expect any 3D iClone animation projects in the future?

I created some 3D iClone projects before and here are some of them:

Previously, I was just waiting for the release of iClone 6 so that I can continue doing 3D animations! Now its game time.

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