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Developer Spotlight - CoolCreators

What is CoolCreators?

CoolCreators is a team of iClone power users founded from the CoolClones iClone community forming a collaboration of creativity, and talents, which are collectively utilized in affiliation with the Reallusion certified content developer program (CCD). The CoolCreators team members provide their knowledge and skills in assisting other iClone users on the CoolClones site whenever requested, and span the globe with members extending across the United States, and Europe, making assistance available in most instances 24 hours around the clock. The CoolCreators thrive on enthusiasm as avid users of the iClone product, and are dedicated toward the mission of promoting the real time 3D movie making iClone revolution. Quite a few of the CoolCreators are listed as Reallusion Spotlight artists.

- Quotes from
Mark Walker

CoolClones/CoolCreators Administrator

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Freebie Collection v.1

Good news! CoolCreators provides a set of freebie collection including 3D Scenes, G2 CloneCloth textures, Acessories, Props, Dance Motions and SFX. Please download it in CCD Newsletter Nov.

More Freebies in CoolClones

Experience in iClone

From the moment I beta tested iClone 1.0, I immediately noticed the potential this product was going to offer. Being a long time user of Reallusion products and seeing the course of stunning improvements, and advancements made with CrazyTalk, I knew the same would undoubtedly occur with iClone. I felt a need to create a community for interaction and content sharing to stimulate movie production. The CoolClones launch coincided with the official release of iClone 1.0. CoolClones was inspired by some of the content resource and learning multimedia sites that I had frequented such as pixel2life.com and 13dots.com while being a multimedia and flash hobbyist. The experience and expertise of Donna Robinson, the administrator for both sites was consulted, and recruited for the CoolClones site renovation. CoolClones continues to grow with more users joining daily, and has evolved into a community of over 2000 iClone enthusiasts. It showcases a variety of talent, and shared creativity which has developed into a useful library of iClone offerings, and experience. Aside of shared experiences, and the content exchange consisting of hundreds of downloads, there is also a CoolClones dedicated video site CloneClips.com which averages over 2000 videos viewed a week. It features iClone Machinima exclusively, and tutorials produced by Reallusion.

The pinnacle of my iClone of adventures was the invitation to join Reallusion at the Siggraph convention 2007. The opportunity to be personally acquainted with the Reallusion team revealed that they are not only enthusiastic about iclone, but do have a genuine passion the software the same as any other user. The thrill of the addition of new features, or content creation is equally exciting as well. The release of iClone 3.0 will prove as testimony that Reallusion is very receptive to user feedback, and translates it into developments beyond envisioning.

Productions of CoolCreators

The creators encompass a broad assortment of iClone skills, and the roles played within collaboration are flexible. Some are specifically involved with character creation, animation, scene, and prop development, but all actively do an assortment of content development tasks contingent on the needs of the theme, or project.

For example, last year the CoolCreators collaborated on a Christmas 2006 project involving CC usernames Shygirl, Popeye, Cricky, Doctordrill, Shalako, and M. D. McCallum (iClonecenter.com) who prepared a variety of content for the theme, and Aknzrdude (Animatechnica.com) who also produced a wonderful animation displaying the content which was given away as seen here.

This year, a Victorian Christmas theme commenced with Shygirl and Duchess110 developing characters, accessories and props for the package. Needing a snow scene, fellow creator Wolfzone.org made one to accommodate. Popeye, and cricky also went to work on creating props to enhance the theme as needed. With the varied abilities, most all can be accomplished within the group. Here is a preview of the end result with the combined efforts.

A multitude of reasonably priced content produced by the CoolCreators is available in the marketplace at CoolCreators.org.

iClone in Education

iClone is also used in the educational arena by CoolCreator Brian Richardson – CC username (Popeye) who is an ICT Development Teacher at the Newcastle City Learning Centre where iClone is currently implemented in the classroom. It was discovered as a valuable asset and engaged pupils. Areas of the curriculum where he developed iClone are in WW1, the trenches of the Somme, The Wild West, Romeo and Juliet, The Egyptians, The Greeks and many more. He is presently engaging Textile teachers to use iClone in order that students can see their designs on models walking up and down the catwalk. Brian is regularly consulted by other Educational Trainers in the UK about iClone and its effective use in the Classroom environment.


Visit CoolClones Forum: http://www.coolclones.com/forum/

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