iClone 7
Issue 6185
iClone7/CC3 don't launch after nVidia driver update
since last nVidia driver update 436.02 either iClone and CharacterCreator fail to load!
When clicking on the software the splashscreen appears with "please wait..." on the bottom, then when it should start to load the elements the splashscreen vanishes and the program won't load.

Please help!
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byMatt GH
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Dear all,

Nvidia has released the 440.97 Game Ready driver On 2019.10.22, which have fixed the issue that will cause iClone 7 and CC 3 to crash while launching. However, the Studio driver have not update yet. For users who use Studio driver, might want to switch to the 440.97 Game Ready driver, or wait until the next Studio driver release.

Since this fix was made in the driver level, no iClone or CC updates are needed. Thank you for your patience to wait for such a long time.

I switch the drivers to studio, latest update, this fixed it for me.
I have no option as Nvidia does not offer a studio driver for my graphics card/windows 10 system. I'm glad I found this topic because I've spent the last 6 hours trying to figure out what the problem was. If this can't be fixed then this software will no longer work, If the software doesn't work then a refund will be the next step. Hope you guys find a solution, soon!
October 6 2019 -- just got no load problem. This is unacceptable for a product like iCLone. Rolling back is not an option for me as I need latest drivers to develop for oculus. Please fix this on your end.
Hello Calvin,

Thank you for yor reply. Yes, I understand that the latest Studio Drivers will fix it; I have updated to those. Unfortunately, those breat the Oculus Rift launcher because that one requires latest Game drivers. Cute, isn't it?
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Hi mtcmusic,

Because the root cause isn't in our program, we can do nothing to fix this issue.
But the latest news is nVidia will release new driver at late October, and it'll fix this issue properly.
Thanks for your patience, and we all looking forward the new driver release!

PS : Currently, instead of roll back driver, maybe you can try the latest Studio driver, it'll fix this issue as well.

We are using Quadro P6000s in SLI mode for high performance.  We cannot roll back driver versions because drivers are released less frequently for Quadro.  The prior release is not compatible with the current Windows 10 patch level.  This is, as you might imagine, a big problem.
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Hi greg_035432,

The latest new I've got is nVidia will release a new driver at late October, and it'll fix this issue properly.
Thanks for your patience, we all looking forward the new driver release.