Character Creator 3
Issue 6189
Character Creator closes (crashes?) immediately after launch
Hi, just purchased Character Creator 3 and am finding myself quite frustrated that it doesn't work.

I had the trial installed and it ran just fine. I have since uninstalled the trial, and installed the paid version.

When I launch, I see the splash image, followed by "Please Wait.." then it closes. Nothing else happens.

I have tried:
- Running as Administrator
- Running in Windows 7 compatibility mode
- Running with and without network (50mbps wifi)
- Uninstalling and Reinstalling
- Rebooting
- Deleting AppData after Uninstalling

None of these have had any effect.

RLLauncher.log is short, says:
16:50:21 Debug: ==>Block Thread(false). CHttpRequest::PostAsync
16:50:21 Debug: ==>Use None GuiThread Download. CHttpRequest::PostAsync
16:50:21 Debug: ===>Ready Read Http, (Buffer Size : 1 )

I'm using a Windows 10 64-bit Computer, Intel Core i7-7700 / 32gb RAM / 512gb SSD / GeForce 1060 6gb and some relatively plain 1080p monitors. GPU/CPU/etc drivers are all up to date.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byryanmillertime
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Hi, ryanmillertime,

Nvidia has released the 440.97 Game Ready driver On 2019.10.22, which have fixed the issue that will cause iClone 7 and CC 3 to crash while launching. However, the Studio driver have not update yet. For users who use Studio driver, might want to switch to the 440.97 Game Ready driver, or wait until the next Studio driver release.

Since this fix was made in the driver level, no iClone or CC updates are needed. Thank you for your patience to wait for such a long time.

I want to send the dmp files to you.  How do I do that?  It won't let me attach them here.  Is there an email address I can send them to?
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Hi similarly,

Sorry for the late reply!
You can zip your dmp file as zip or rar format, and attched it in your next comment.
Thanks for your help!

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Hi ryanmillertime,

1. No, it didn't happen every time when nVidia update their driver.
2. We'll get in touch with nVidia to see which way is a best way to fix the problem.
Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for the tip. Rolling back the driver allowed me to launch the program successfully. 

1 - Does this typically happen with Reallusion software every time new drivers are released? 
2 - Are you going to patch in a fix allowing CC3 to work with new drivers?
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Hi, ryanmillertime,

Did you updated your display driver recently? see if this is your case?

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