Character Creator 4
Issue 11100
Universal Particle based Toon Joints Created during Characterization -Users select body part and apply range between joints non destructively
*Various automatic toon joint profiles to apply to CC3+ characters
*Universally apply toon joint to any kind of character defined in the Characterization process.
*Apply physics to threshold range of particles between joints - could be spring joint so entire arm, leg, neck has a ripple/wave effect with movement.
*Set Influence more on extremities or vice versa
*Bend ratio sliders that effect curvature and physics between joints that could have an override in iC8
*Visually see particle count between selected body parts and adjust influence with color spectrum on the particle.
*key particle nodes that can spring back to default shape
*key toon on/off state.
*Switch between screen space and local
*Scale option that can be keyed
*Bake options
*Apply a ragdoll scheme to the particles
*Users can define ragdoll strength with a slider that influences particles bottom (strong - default) to head (weaker) when characters walk with weakness applied more to above hips, the character will hunch over/lean forward more and when the character moves, the weakness is also applied in the arms and when the body moves, the arms will have a slight sway with automatic inertia.

*Set toon particles to act like colliders so there is no need to add shape colliders and if soft cloth/body physics is enabled, set a higher collision margin of the toon bones to prevent cloth skin from collapsing from default shape.
*If toon particle margin is lowered, it could make characters look like they are deflating.
*If toon particle margin is set higher than normal, it inflates the character - I've tested this with soft cloth and regular shape colliders and it works.

This concept is likely far superior, less complicated and heavy, non destructive than rigging a character to have Toony arms, legs etc. Users would be able to apply it to any character like toggling on and off spring joints.

When in Toon joint mode, it temporarily replaces the old joints.
OS: Windows 11