3DXchange 7
Issue 6161
Request to allow Softbody Physics on character's skin -influenced areas are to determined by weight map painting
I've already talked with support about this and was informed that the only way this is currently possible is to export the character as an FBX with animations then import into 3DXchange as a prop ( do not characterize it).

This is ok unless you want to see real-time action such as using mocap or the puppet tools.

I envision body flab jiggles after each stomp or impact, all jiggle areas are defined by the weight map. Spring joints are ok but take a lot of time to setup and fine tune and because you're applying the effect to a whole joint may not offer the same realism.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
It's good to note here that when you bake in physics on the face, you can't do any facial morphs unless you remove the baked animation first. Ignore previous comment about eye face puppet not being influenced.
Update: Issue- Tracking with blinking/winking using the Face Puppet tool on cloth characters doesn't seem to work but using Face Key expression sliders for blinking does.
To add to this important toolset, please also vote for the "Physics Brush"  - a universal brush to influence cloth (Soft Body characters and clothing) resting position, objects linked together by constraints such as a chain or parts added to hair or scatter or attract rigid body objects into a pile in a scene!
My New Soft Body Character in Full Force! 

- Soft Body Physics with Wind applied, Custom SSS, Displacement textures with Lip-sync-  

Actually I still want to see if I can use morph editor on the soft cloth because then I can control the flow of melting skin, a sagging appendage that looks like it's about to fall away from the body etc - could get messy! 

This  served two purposes #1. to shine a bigger light on the power soft body physics can give us and #2. to hopefully win in the lip-sync contest  ;)
Prevent materials from floating away
*To keep textures from falling when a creator wants the entire model to have maximum flexibility across the character's materials/UVs by programming the materials to stay together by pinning the materials borders of the *other* neighboring materials black padding.

Physics Painting Presets:
Also the physics painting tool should have preset limits (tones to choose from for different levels of flexibility.