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Issue 6161
Request to allow Softbody Physics on character's skin -influenced areas are to determined by weight map painting
I've already talked with support about this and was informed that the only way this is currently possible is to export the character as an FBX with animations then import into 3DXchange as a prop ( do not characterize it).

This is ok unless you want to see real-time action such as using mocap or the puppet tools.

I envision body flab jiggles after each stomp or impact, all jiggle areas are defined by the weight map. Spring joints are ok but take a lot of time to setup and fine tune and because you're applying the effect to a whole joint may not offer the same realism.
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Submitted byAscensi
Object Interaction Tests With Soft Cloth Applied To Character

It's known in Unity at least that increasing collider resolution helps soft cloth interactions. The only progress I've made so far for character & object interaction is to convert an object to self mesh to get more resolution. 

In order for quality interaction between cloth and rigid bodies, I hope you add more resolution and consider that because iClone is not a game engine, please allow higher resolution/accuracy for film. 

 My particular settings are: character soft vs rigid  margin = 4.0   solver frequency=400 Dampening .30  Drag= .10  Tether=1.0    Elasticity=88   Stretch=17 Bending=67 Inertia=2
Keeping clothing on a softbody character is a bit difficult and I'm thinking you might need to use tracking like the beard system un a soft body surface but probably should be hybrid to have cloth weights - so a selected region of verts pins the clothing to the surface and the rest moves like soft cloth.

Also with the character physics textures, maybe you can pin the UV material not by coloring the  texture completely black but instead by the black texture padding? This will allow full deformation on the entire surface without detaching any parts.
For those that don't know why this is important and what soft body for characters could look like visit my youtube example here.  Full body Displacement maps also work flawlessly.. no cracks in the UVs in animations (will show a video later). Soft cloth also reduces the need for displacement maps to require tessellation either fully or partially!
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With a lot of testing I've refined my copy of CC3+ character for the physics and with the right physics settings, a tried and tested character physics preset and proper painted texture maps defining skin areas to be influence by physics, character softbody is now very possible. Please reenable your physics plugin for characters and duplicate/rename the full beard profile to something like "Character Physics Profile" so that the facial morphs can be tracked on mesh without having to add a mesh such as a beard.  I have sophisticated hand painted physics maps that I've tested for each body part. I'm no expert on your physics system and I image what I've done could probably be improved. In a discussion with Rampa, he mentioned that having an inflate option in the physics could probably help this along even more.