3DXchange 7
Issue 6161
Request to allow Softbody Physics on character's skin -influenced areas are to determined by weight map painting
I've already talked with support about this and was informed that the only way this is currently possible is to export the character as an FBX with animations then import into 3DXchange as a prop ( do not characterize it).

This is ok unless you want to see real-time action such as using mocap or the puppet tools.

I envision body flab jiggles after each stomp or impact, all jiggle areas are defined by the weight map. Spring joints are ok but take a lot of time to setup and fine tune and because you're applying the effect to a whole joint may not offer the same realism.
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Submitted byAscensi
Particle Colliders could be developed to populate along the normals but specially over white painted areas of the weight/physics map textures and less in the black areas.

Perhaps colliders can be populated real time and be concentrated in the whiter areas of the physics map if another object with collision comes close like a form of Collider LOD system or tessellation. Could this possibly increase performance?
To avoid any concern for this Soft Body Character Physics request, this request is from Game Arts Cafe, my implementation is here

I  have only added a reference to the Unity Asset Developer Obi to explain a more ideal type of collider to use for cloth than the collision shape system that currently exists in iClone. The reason is to add better interaction between other soft & ridged bodies and I mentioned that it would be good for both Reallusion and Obi to create compatibility so characters coming from iClone or Character creator will work in Unity with Obi since there is nothing that I know of that will work automatically using iClone's Physics textures. 

Customizable collider resolution should be available for Rigid bodies and characters with soft body physics in my opinion should have an evenly distributed grid based particle collider solution that aligns to the Character's normals *per material* (to control performance like disable material colliders except for one material)  in the physics weight map area.
Please Implement Soft Body Character Physics for iClone 8 by Game Arts Cafe.
It would likely ideal if you had people in the game industry making a Character physics system with accurate functional collisions. When I went to check on Obi's progress recently I found out they are making a softbody character system 

I think overall that you could partner with Obi for the Unity side so they get customers from you that could setup their character with physics easily. I've used their assets before and it wasn't so easy to setup but the simplicity could potentially be setup on your side and just work properly in Unity but also to understand proper collision setup to work in iClone making film etc.

Currently from what I've created with the softbody physics in iClone is more realistic than Obi as I can get flexible details on particular wrinkles with physics texture painting.
Update on testing with physical interaction.

I was getting crashes with Cloth on cloth enabled with one character punching the other but it seems like it might have been either large texture size one character was using or has an issue with the shader itself (even though it crashed in minimal mode, it did not crash setting the character render to smooth shading in the scene view.)

I did experiment adding collision shapes to the belly area, it does add more influence but maybe it's the wrong collider type, size and position. In Unity, there is an asset that uses particles as colliders (Obi cloth) and users can set the distribution like a grid and collider amount.  I know soft cloth has a collider limit warning and ideally an even distribution and amount should be setup in the physics texture material so that colliders can be seen as dots overlaying the material.