iClone 7
Issue 8043
Physics Brush - to shape a bunch of constraint-connected objects & cloth-this brush could be part of the iClone Physics & Reach Target Texture painting tools
You could include this in the iClone Physics textures paint tool and for painting Reach Color target textures on the terrain objects or characters.

This brush however is to paint or rather "grab" physically connected objects connected by constraints by magnet (gravity attraction and repel options and optionally twist/rotate are applied to the brush)

How it would look:

If I have a chain link for example, the brush with falloff would simulate gravity (attraction) in a particular area or go the opposite pressing the alt key would push it away. The area of chains will pull each other

Overall workflow Comparison to existing methods:

The painting toolset would rapidly help users shape their constraint linked objects whether it be for hair parts, chain links etc, anything that requires the object to have a preset shape, fold, coil, twist etc.

The current method is to tediously move and rotate individual objects that could take weeks. You can also play the simulation and then remove object animation at an ideal location to get a "rested" physics outcome but that is the limit of shaping.

Cloth and Character Physics Shaping:

I imagine this tool could be used for cloth as well. Brushes could potentially customized with gravity/attraction textures that work like physics/height maps. You could create cloth wrinkles, lift up a dress or cloak on specific keyframes to simulate a gust of wind.

For Character Physics shaping; lets say you want to start scene with the character's face stretched out or pushed in like punch, pinch or cartoony squish, this would be possible. When you play back the animation the physics will start returning to the rested position with a bit of turbulence fading off.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
All serious animation programs have an option for a soft body to apply on characters , objects , clothes almost every think you import in the iclone  .... Also Poser have this option from 15 years ago already
Either Designated painted  or spline footstep system could have corresponding sounds attached triggered by physics/colliders
Tech Notes: Ideally, a larger brush size should influence more objects like shaping sand in a sand box.

When shaping/positioning objects that have constraints, there will likely be a real-time transform freeze/reset and when the position looks good, bake the new transforms. Currently creators can't simply move their physics objects around that have constraints and expect them to function properly unless you move the parent, but this is effecting all parts.

I can see why users have a difficult time with the physics, there are no positioning/manipulation tools for complete physics objects,  a group of individual or connected objects, only parameters for individual parts are available.
You could also scatter or attract rigid body objects into a pile or blow them away in a scene!  you would no longer have to position everything individually. Again you could use a physics texture on the brush to create attraction or repel shapes.

Types of Brush types and Textures loaded: 
1.Brush type - Scatter evenly (spaced like a normalize sculpting brush)

 2. Brush Type - Scatter And Accumulate  (the texture could look like an explosion in all directions but all the rigid bodies that have been previously scattered evenly can now be collected into what ever texture the user has loaded. Brush presets with preset textures could help speed things up and also teach the user how the textures influence the physics.