3DXchange 7
Issue 6161
Request to allow Softbody Physics on character's skin -influenced areas are to determined by weight map painting
I've already talked with support about this and was informed that the only way this is currently possible is to export the character as an FBX with animations then import into 3DXchange as a prop ( do not characterize it).

This is ok unless you want to see real-time action such as using mocap or the puppet tools.

I envision body flab jiggles after each stomp or impact, all jiggle areas are defined by the weight map. Spring joints are ok but take a lot of time to setup and fine tune and because you're applying the effect to a whole joint may not offer the same realism.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
With Softbody physics real-time flawless facial expression may be possible via webcam to small height map videos and later could be used to bake perfect morphs or just work off the video clips.  It was a vague idea in  the back of my mind for a while and I just realized how it might work. If height-maps were used to only change the surface direction in X & Y rather than to push out in Z. The camera plugin would likely need a filter to convert  if it doesn't have depth capabilities. I think the mocap plugin would have a default height map that has vertices pinned to initially and when the lighter areas of the height maps move/change due to a facial expression the vertices follow.

There are many products that can convert a Color texture to a height map based on luminance values, so perhaps a video filter could do this easily.
Detailed description: imagine an impact or stomp that created a shockwave throughout the body fat..  ape pounding chest or simply  pressure being applied to the body such as a poke or squeeze and what about skydiving or a dog with its head out the window for air -it would be great to see wind turbulence and amplitude etc against the skin. What about pinching the skin/pulling on it? -this all could be possible. Characters are currently static/lifeless.  It could be interesting to be able to put animated objects inside a person representing a heart/veins or  lungs that automate physical movement from under the skin.. or how about a creature wiggling inside?? Hand prints pushing out from inside? This opens up a huge door.

Please vote for this if you like the idea.