iClone 7
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Issue 7315
Please consider Rewards for Feed-Backers with DA points on assigned cases - Spending a lot of time here trying to report bugs, solutions & Ideas
I & others spend so much time writing feedback about bugs ways to increase productivity etc I really wish DA points are automatically given to those that are confirmed issues/assigned -until resolved.

I often wait and wait for months not being able to upload new products or create videos/scenes because CC3, a plugin, iClone etc has something wrong with it and can't get the content out to market or show.. that means financial trouble for many of us. Reallusion has big contests with big payouts and in many cases can't even get my content out to survive in this industry because i'm waiting for bug fixes!

Feedbackers are just as or more important than a 10 % off coupon for attending Webinars and maybe this suggestion is more appropriate/ important for those in the Elite Program as they have a more invested interest and have their work at stake/on hold. Feedbackers aren't just people posting they are Backers providing Valuable input - well that's your decision what input you choose.

Personally I choose to post here out of necessity, not for fun although some ideas can really excite and open doors and lead to new discoveries.

Anyway imagine if you have your programs so intuitive, organized, functional all the learning is found in one area, you have big contests, big sales, support is awesome and feedback posts even pays the user, the program evolves fast often with the help of feedback input I think people would be more inclined to move to Reallusion - a Company that offers more stability for their users that support them. You might consider creating an insurance program for content creators and Elite Members. If you want everyone to come and use Reallusion products they would have to be stable to help ensure "user, Elite member,Content Creator) success/ stability otherwise people leave to go to other similar programs so perhaps the best alternative is to keep them around with this kind of strategy.

Thank you, I hope you strongly consider this, your efforts to improve the product and reach out to customers with discounts and contests is just as much as appreciated, I just hope user input is shown with the same kind of appreciation. I wouldn't suggest coupons as they expire and many of us as developers and Elite Members already own* what you're selling but that might be ideal for others.
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