iClone 7
Issue 8238
Please Create Access to Beta Programs for up coming Programs so feedback tracker submissions help build a stable release available
We contribute ideas/innovation, often giving Reallusion the fixes without compensation or reward for hours or weeks of hard work testing, researching etc. This is the least Reallusion can offer existing customers.

Why this matters, how will it benefit Reallusion?

*attract more loyal customers and through support feedback - it will help customers consider giving more of their personal time to help complete feedback responses - personally I can't keep spending valuable time giving more detailed feedback/insights, testing more etc

* it will show pristine support for loyal customers and entice new customers

*Reallusion pays out for contests, coupons, promo deals etc to get traffic and customers essentially, how about incentivizing AAA feedback? -there is nothing other than receiving it in the next version -if it can be afforded.

I don't think Realllusion really understands how much time, effort and sometimes at personal cost users have gone through to help Reallusion programs and services become better. I understand Reallusion is not under any obligation to pay or reward people sharing feedback but consider how much money Reallusion throws away at contests, marketing discounts etc People/customers get behind companies stronger when companies support them.

People submit to the feeback tracker for many reasons - usually out of desperation - they have a "paid" product that isn't working properly, is missing a needed feature etc It isn't fair that users buy a program with bugs in it, it can delay or destroy a project. This is why I suggest that "customers" as part of a feedback tracker program, receive a "fair exchange of service" by having access to any beta to help get the bugs removed, help shape development quicker than after official release, feel more inclusive.

This will also help users learn the new features and have content created faster for personal and commercial use (marketplace) when the release is out.

Other than reporting fixes, I feel my contributions here that Reallusion has used or will use in upcoming versions is asinine because of the amount of expense in purchases, time I've invested learning and projects delayed because of bugs and reporting them, in a way it has robbed me, I feel cheated, under appreciated and I'm losing interest in wanting to support Reallusion -at least in the feedback tracker. Reallusion's success should be everyone's success and that should be every company's motto.
OS: Windows 10