One-Click Asset Transfer

  • Build a data chain between iClone and Unreal Engine via the iClone Live Link plug-in. Animate in iClone, and simultaneously see the real-time render in Unreal Engine.
  • Direct transfer of iClone characters, lights, and cameras without FBX import/export.
  • Select and send multiple items through a friendly, progressive workflow.
  • Use the iClone Origin gizmo to quickly position all iClone assets in an Unreal scene.
unreal character animation - iclone unreal live link asset transfer

Supports All Major Character Standards

  • The same iClone animations can be used on characters made with different 3D tools.
  • iClone's MotionPlus format keeps facial morphs and skeletal animation in one file, for a single animation format that can be reused on all characters.
  • Native iClone and Character Creator format support, with Auto Setup script for fast Digital Human shader assignment in Unreal.
  • Import custom humanoid FBX or


    characters to iClone through the Character Creator characterization pipeline.
unreal character animation - iclone unreal live link character

Transfer Cameras & Lights

  • Conveniently direct the cinematography Unreal by manipulating iClone's camera and light systems.
  • Create, transfer and edit iClone Directional Light, Point Light, and Spotlight for Unreal
  • Select iClone cameras and sync control with Unreal cameras directly from iClone.
unreal animation - light camera icon
unreal character animation - iclone unreal live link transfer camera light

Transfer Props

  • One-click transfer to the designated spot in Unreal scene.
  • Static props, non-human creatures, and skin-bone props are all transferable.
  • Live Link also works for non-human creatures or skin-bone props.
  • PBR material and SSS shader can also be sent to Unreal and get further adjustment.
unreal animation - prop stage icon

Accelerated Asset Transfer New in v1.3

  • Parallel processing of iClone FBX to Unreal exchange allows iClone for smooth editing without the delay of transfer speed.
  • Direct import within the Unreal Editor provides clear and informative updates on the transfer process.
  • For crowd and large scene productions, select “Exclude Morph Targets” to ignore expression data and speed up the transfer by several fold.
    Explore iClone Crowd Simulation >


for UE5


  • Full frame record multi-track iClone animation in Unreal Sequencer, avoiding Live Link frame drops due to hardware limitation.
  • As long as the Timecode in Unreal is activated and starts recording, the timeline on both sides will be synced 1:1 and the animation will playback By-Frame in iClone.
  • Once iClone animated assets are timecode recorded to UE, they will be saved as sequence files in the Cinematic-Take folder. Designers can load them back to Sequencer for further animation editing.

Supports Recording Live-Linkable Items

Character Animation    |    Facial Performance    |    Prop Animation    |    Camerawork    |    Light Animation


Without concerning the frame drops caused by computer resource or performance in traditional Live Link. Transferring large amounts of animations to Unreal Engine becomes a well managed task with Timecode Syncing. Designers can group animated characters in iClone, full-frame timecode record iClone animations into UE sequence files, gradually build up the large crowd for final Sequencer editing.

Progressive Production

  • Multi-pass Crowd Animation Recording
  • Load Grouped Assets and Compile in Sequencer (also works for selected time range)
  • 1:1 Frame-synced Recording in Sequencer


Sequence Recording for Unreal Non-linear Editing

  • Real-time play iClone animation to the Unreal Sequencer, and record the character facial morphs, skeletal data, lighting and camera attributes in Unreal playback.
  • Easily generate multiple Unreal Sequences from the same iClone project, an effective workflow for Unreal Non Linear Editing.

Unreal Real-time Render and RTX Raytracing

  • Utilize Unreal Engine as a super real-time renderer for iClone animators.
  • Take advantage of the RTX GPU technology in Unreal and get ray trace output quality at unmatched render speed.

From CG to Film, Unreal Post Process

  • Film look to iClone renders by adding Unreal motion blur, volumetric light, chromatic aberration, fog, lens flare, screen space reflection, bloom and eye adaptation.
  • Apply Unreal Post Process for tonemapping, blendables, post process materials for an advanced render style.