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Animation with MetaHuman Made Simple

The exquisite detail of MetaHuman has captured the eye of the Media and Entertainment industry. However, how to bring MetaHumans to life without breaking the realism, for example, make them talk, emote, and perform as you wish is an immediate challenge for real, rapid production. iClone MetaHuman Live Link gives all the answers by providing designers with a highly efficient way to animate MetaHumans, face and body, or even voice lip-sync; all in one application.
*iClone Unreal Live Link is required to animate MetaHumans.

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Lip-syncFace PuppetFace MocapFace Key Edit

Accurate & Smooth Lip-sync

  • Detect and generate precise text and visemes from audio.
  • Accurate mouth shape correctly aligns with audio timing.
  • Co-articulation and phoneme-paring design for smooth and natural movement.

Face Puppet with Intuitive Mouse Control

  • Animate solo facial feature or emote the full face.
  • Multi-pass recording, blend or replace selected facial features.
  • Adjustable mouse sensitivity and control area size.
  • Animation profiles for different personalities.

Powerful & Flexible Facial Mocap

  • Unmatched iPhone tracking accuracy and stability.
  • 52 ARKit Blendshapes derived from human scans, with additional tongue animation morphs.
  • Tracking Data Multiplier for equalized tracking signal.

Face Key Editing to Fine-tune Details

  • Refine or layer edit facial animations with muscle nodes, expression presets, and slider adjustments.
  • Drag and pose facial features through the intuitive Facial Muscle Panel.
  • Access to all facial controls through morph sliders.


Motion AssetsBody MocapMotion Layer Key Editing

AAA Mocapped Motions

  • Thousands of high-quality mocap animation organized by application themes - office, home, citizens, shopping, dance, melee, gunfight, etc..
  • Designed for motion blend and Loop, easy to create your unique long motion sequence.

Motion Layer Key Editing

  • Powerful motion blending and motion curve control.
  • Motion layer editing based on HumanIK technology.
  • Reach target, floor contact, and finger gesture control.

Live Mocap Performance

  • Synchronous full body, multi-actor performance capture through iClone Motion LIVE.
  • Support all industry-leading mocap devices, facial tracking solutions, and data gloves.