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Facial Makeup

Sweet Doll

Soft skin & cute makeup help reveal a doll-like charm.

Skin smooth, skin tone, highlight and contour
Eye liner, eye shadow, lash, iris, brow, lip, blush
Apply pleasant expression and enlarge the eyes

See how it works

Skin refinement

Remove pimples and blemishes with a skin smoothing female skin template.

Contour enhancement

Sculpt the face slightly with a shape correcting highlight and contour effect.

Blush makeup

Choose a rose color in the blush section for light yet elegant makeup.


For a shimmer effect, apply glossy lipstick to attract attention.

Eye makeup

Choose a regular stroke eye liner and an intelligent style of eye shadow without drawing on the inner corner of the eye. Strengthen the thickness and length of the lashes to further bring out the eyes. Enhance the brows by darkening the color. Use a cosmetic lens to give that extra little spark.

Reshape features and redefine expression

Slim the face by modifying the proportion. Raise mouth edges and outer brows to provide a pleasant look. Reshape the eyes to enlarge the size.