Thank you for your interest in FaceFilter 3. We would like to notify you that from July 5th, 2019 - this software will no longer be available for purchase.
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Facial Makeup

Clean and Lively

Enhance with light makeup and a pleasant expression

Skin smooth, highlight and contour
Eye liner, eye shadow, lash, brow, lip, blush
Create pleasant expression and slim the face

See how it works

Skin refinement

Remove freckles and blemishes with skin smoothing templates, and further enhance the skin tone for a more healthy look.

Contour enhancement

Choose a shape correction template to highlight the most flattering features and draw focus to the center of the face.

Blush makeup

Use a pink petal blush to create doll-like and lively cheeks.


Choose a vivid lipstick color to provide a sweet, youthful look.

Eye makeup

Apply eyeliner to the upper lid with a reasonably thick stroke to open up the eyes. Avoiding eyeliner on the lower lid can avoid a sharper look in favor or something more cute and playful. A pinkish shade of eye shadow and a blue iris will give a dreamy appeal, while slightly enhanced brows will complete the look.

Reshape features and redefine expression

Move the eyes closer to each other for balance. Raise mouth edge and puff the cheeks to create a cute and sweet appearance.