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Edition Comparison
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Category Major Features Standard PRO PRO Trial Feature Details
Editing Environment Face photo fitting wizard Know more 
Three before/after view modes
Applying templates with Content Manager
Basic template strength adjustment
Lossless editing - DNG support    
RAW-format support (Mac version only)    
Skin Enhancement Adjust Skin Color Tone Know more 
Dealing with Oily Skin
Smooth Skin with Texture
Eye Bag Reduction
Neck and shoulder blemish removal  
Modify Panel for further retouching (palette library, color setting, texture pattern, …)  
Custom makeup with Mask Tools and layers  
Facial Makeup Highlight and Contour enhancement Know more 
Applying makeup - blush, eyebrows, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara & lashes, cosmetic lens, lipsticks
Teeth whitening
Red-eye removal
Modify Panel for further retouching (palette library, color setting, skin & eye layer editor, mirror, …)  
Custom makeup with Mask Tools and layers  
Expression & Reshaping Redefining expression Know more 
Redefining facial features
Advanced manually adjustment
Photo Effects Scene-based photo tone settings Know more 
White balance adjustment
White balance adjustment with color picker and combo box    
Custom lens filter
DSLR effects - smart photo focal adjustment
DSLR effects - focal gradients
Bokeh effects
Content Resource Embedded Content - Project 7 7 7  
Embedded Content - Makeover 297 297 297  
Embedded Content - Reshape 31 31 31  
Embedded Content - Effects 98 98 98  
Bonus Content - Dazzling Looks 51 51 51  
Other Image output (jpg, tif)  
  Export with selected effects -  
  Image HD output 1920*1920 6000*6000 1920*1920  
  Usage time limitation - - 15days  
  Save limitation (save project, template, ...) - - Disabled  
  Export limitation - - Watermark  
Price   $29.95 $79.95 -