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A Complete Breakthrough

Mac OS Camera RAW Support (v3.04)

By integrating with the native Mac OS Image I/O Framework, professional camera users can now directly import RAW images into FaceFilter3, and conduct lossless image enhancement with resolutions up to 6000x6000 pixels. FaceFilter3 Mac version users also enjoy regular App Store updates for new raw formats when they are introduced by camera makers.

  • Windows users can import camera RAW in DNG format to FaceFilter3. Simply search Adobe DNG Converter for Free download .

Scenario-Based Photo Beauty Solution

FaceFilter3 is designed to cater to any daily photo beautifying need. From the hottest fashion, to any party look, to everyday nude make-up for both man and woman, healthy and tanned look, or anti-aging and face slimming, you can always find the right scenario-based template in the content library. Furthermore, the dock-able user interface and control center make your photo beatification retouching faster and simpler.

Flawless Complexion with Contour and Skin Texture

Naturally evening out your skin is not difficult anymore! The Skin De-oil feature provides a sheer foundation by toning down the shine; the Skin Care function acts as a touch of concealer by smoothening blemishes, while the Skin Texture option gives back the skin a natural look. Retouch for better contours with specially-designed areas, with highlights and shadows that easily help you create model-like contours.

A Complete Make-Up Artist Inspired Cosmetic System

FaceFilter3 has a complete make-up system based on professional cosmetic theories. Simply retouch your photos to make you look better in any event. With more than 20 layers of make-up in each template, you can quickly choose any style you like. From thick, thin, arched, to straight, you can always design the best brows for your face shape with eyeliners that fit your eyes. Apply eye shadows from metallic, satin, matte and more to bring out your eyes, or add a shimmery eye effect to create luminizing eyelid sheen with different size, length, and styles of lashes. Add blush to bring the bloom of youth to your face, or change lipstick and iris color to match your make-up while whitening your teeth with a fine touch. Additionally, you may manually define the area of any make-up to apply true-to-life finishes.

DSLR and Special Effects for Breathtaking Photo Quality

Apply any photo effect template you like and give your photos the charm they deserve! With FaceFilter3, you no longer need a professional camera to level up your images. Just define the focus area, and you are ready to create DSLR-like photos in a snap. With the lens filter you can add a Bokeh effect, color balance, or even design your own LOMO style!

Comparison - FaceFilter3 vs. FaceFilter2

  Major Features FaceFilter
Studio 2
Editing Environment Face photo fitting wizard (Simplified)
Three view modes to see the difference  
Quick template applying with Content Manager (Reshape only)
Basic adjustment of template strength level (Expression only)
Lossless editing - DNG support  
Skin Enhancement Adjust Skin Color Tone
Skin condition improvement with Texture  
Custom makeup with Mask Tools and Modify Panel (palette library, color setting, texture pattern, …)  
Facial Makeup Highlight and Contour enhancement  
Applying makeup - blush, eyebrows, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara & lashes, cosmetic lens, lipsticks, teeth whitening  
Custom makeup with Mask Tools and Modify Panel (palette library, color setting, skin & eye layer editor, mirror, ...)  
Expression & Reshaping Redefining expression
Redefining facial features
Advanced manually adjustment
Photo Effects Scene-based photo tone settings  
White balance adjustment  
Custom post effects (lens filter, DSLR, and Bokeh)  
Other Image output (jpg, tif) Jpg/Bmp/Gif
Export with selective effects  
Image HD output 1200 pixel 6000x6000