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Facial Makeup

Magic Crease

Enlarge eyes and add creases

Skin smooth with texture, skin tone, eye bag
Eye liner, crease, eye shadow, lash, brow, lip, blush
Reshape facial features to slim the face and further enlarge eyes

See how it works

Skin refinement

Remove subtle skin blemishes with a skin smoothing template and then adjust the skin texture and apply an eye bag reduction effect.

Contour enhancement

Choosing a shape correction template will apply highlights and contours in strategic areas to create the appearance of a slimmer face and accentuate facial features.

Blush makeup

Apply a light colored butterfly blush to further enhance the slimming effect.

Lips and teeth

Use a natural color of lipsticks for a vibrant look, and use teeth whitening to give a more confident smile.

Eye makeup

The best way to enlarge the eyes is to use an eye liner template to create a crease along the upper eyelid with heavy application on the outer corner of the eye. Apply dark eye shadow, then slightly enhance the brows. Choosing long and thick lashes helps to compliment the effect, while enlarging the iris and adjusting its contrast will draw more attention to the eye.

Reshape facial features

Modify the proportion and width of the face to slim the face while maintining a realistic appearance.