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Facial Makeup

Healthy Glow

Naturally smooth & give healthy looking skin

Skin smooth, eye bag, highlight and contour
Blush, lip, iris, eye liner, eye shadow

See how it works

Skin refinement

Reduce the wrinkles by applying skin smoothing templates and adjusting the skin texture. Further restore a youthful look by using the Eye Bag Reduction effect.

Contour enhancement

Use highlights and contours to enhance the facial shape and further emphasize features while conforming to the position of the natural light source.

Blush makeup

Apply layers of orange and red blush to provide a healthy complexion.

Lips and teeth

Use a warm red lipstick to match the blush and apply a teeth whitening effect.

Eye makeup

To keep a natural yet rejuvenated appearance, apply subtle purple eye shadow to match the original makeup in the photo, and use eye liner to bring out the eyes. Finally, increase the contrast of the iris to create a vibrant touch.