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Facial Makeup

Uppity Black Swan

Apply dramatic makeup to create a bold and confident look

Highlight and contour for a sculpted face
Eye liner, eye shadow, lash, brow, lip, and blush for dramatic makeup
Expression redefining to create a prideful look

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Contour enhancement

Use shape correction templates to apply highlights and contours to the face, resulting in a more sculpted look.

Blush makeup

Apply butterfly blush in the color of your choice to bring out the cheeks.


Matte style creates a colder and less flashy look for the lips.

Eye makeup

Combine dramatic eye liner with basic blue eye shadow to draw focus to the eyes, and create the illusion of larger eyes by applying light shades to the inner corner. Finally, curly lashes and strong eyebrows will enhance the eyes and complete the look.

Redefine expression

To complete the Uppity Black Swan look, use facial morphing to enhance the expression and make the face more expressive.